Monday, 26 September 2016

Double Monday - The Arnold Palmer

Our hottie duo pay homage to golfing great Arnold Palmer, who passed away yesterday at 87. Hottie on the left sports a black golf polo (a moving touch of mourning for a golf legend) with a white long-sleeved golf sweater with a Bay Hill logo (be still our hearts, our HOTT Crew has many fond memories of Bay Hill Country Club in Orlando, FL).

Meanwhile, hottie on the right is impeccably dressed as well, with stylishly gelled and coiffed hair and perfectly pressed casual business attire. He can go from office to golf links in 2 seconds flat!

Rest in Peace Arnold Palmer: 1929-2016

Location: Red Line at Harvard
Imagined Professions: Left and Right, MBA Students at Suffolk University
Photographer: GB

Sunday, 25 September 2016

The Thinker

Our hottie is as casual as an Autumn day. Brilliant sunshine, brisk breezes, and that well worn and most comfortable of baseball caps. It's a perfect scene on a beautiful day. And just what is he thinking!

Location: Red Line at Park
Imagined Profession: Grad Student
Photographer: FT

Saturday, 24 September 2016

Shopping Hottie

Our hottie's been shopping! A bag full of goodies that we can't see, but we have an idea of what he might have purchased based on his attire: Navy blazer underlayed with a turquoise V-necked T-shirt, like-new jeans fashionably cuffed high (to show lots of ankle) and buckskin shoes! What flair!

Speaking of flair, our HOTT Crew has been busy baking a Gateau St Pierre (pic below). We'll let you know how it turns out! And if it's good we'll share the recipe!
Location: Red Line at Porter
Imagined Profession: Restaurant Management
Photographer: *YOU are my 🇫🇷🔝!*

Friday, 23 September 2016

Fabulous Friday - Bike Patrol

Fabulously tall, exquisitely handsome, and he bikes! We also give high marks to our attractive cyclist for not wearing cargo shorts. Cargo shorts just don't look right on a man after the age of 25. See how good he looks in his slimline shorts?!?!

Location: Red Line at JFK/UMass
Imagined Profession: Athletic Director for Youth Sports Program
Photographer: FTH

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Marty McFly

Our hottie was exuberantly rockin' to his tunes while dressed like a modern day version of Marty McFly. What a cute and happy guy! Can we take him home with us?

Location: Red Line at Park
Imagined Profession: Futurist
Photographer: FT

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Listen Up!

Our adorable hottie is having the time of his life as he listens to tunes while gazing at the ceiling of our train. We couldn't resist looking at his handsome face, and also noticed the luxurious fabric of his shorts.

And those headphones? They're Peltor Sport Ultimate 10 noise reduction ear muffs. They reduce exterior noised dramatically and have an amazingly high rating... and only cost $19.69 on Amazon! Not only is our hottie handsome, he's wise with money!
Location: Red Line at Kendall/MIT
Imagined Profession: Retail Associate
Photographer: GB

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Double Tuesday - Bear in Mind

Two luscious bears greeted us as we arrived at the station. It's like being at the San Diego Zoo... during Pride Week! We wish we could travel with these bearilicious men every day of the week!

Location: Red Line at Porter
Imagined Professions: Left, Marketing Manager; Right, Marketing Manager
Photographer: FT