Saturday, 10 October 2015

Paris - Ooo La La!

Ah, Paris. City of lights. City of elegance and gorgeously charming men! And what better way to showcase the handsome men of the Paris Métro than with this stunning gentleman posing with bikes (be still our hearts!) in front of the quintessentially Parisian art nouveau Métro entrance! Such a classic pose at a classic landmark. It inspired our HOTT Crew friends Dodie and Lola to spend a day recreating the classic style of 1950's Paris!
While Dodie basked by the Seine with her paint kit and vintage French swimsuit...
Lola tooled around the Isle Saint Louis in her vintage 1950's Fiat!

Location: Paris Métro at Chatelet
Imagined Profession: Studio Artist
Photographer: GB

Fabulous Friday - Give Us Some Meat

You have no idea how exhausted we are taking pictures of hot men for our devoted fans! Hurtling past the catacombs of Paris we spotted this adorable man on the Paris Métro. Lavender, charcoal and facial hair... Oh My!
Having successfully biked from Italy to France, our HOTT Crew made our way to Paris for yet another filming for La Cuisine de Dodie et Lola (debuting on Canal+ Network in January 2016). This time it was in the famed Parisian restaurant Au Boeuf Couronné! Pictured above in the forefront is the Pave de la Mandataires Filet de Boeuf. Slicing it was like slicing a down pillow. It was magnificent!
Vegetarians avert your eyes now! Whoops, too late! Dodie explained to us how waiters in France, upon receiving your steak order, will ask, La Cuissont?. That means, "how would you like your steak cooked?". In France one orders steak either Saignant (rare) or Bleu (really really rare). If a waiter offers to have your steak cooked A Point (medium) it means he thinks you're an American from the Midwest. The French never order their steak A Point and neither should you! Just an FYI!

Location: Paris Métro Lord Knows Where We Were As We Had Drunk Way Too Much Wine
Imagined Profession: Office Manager
Photographer: FT

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Café Correcto

Our gentleman hottie relaxes with aplomb as he awaits our Paris Métro train. We rather liked the view across the tracks of our lone hottie silhouetted by the Parisian advertisements and classic French molded chairs.
Of course, before getting to Paris we had to bike our way from Italy into France across the new border controls put up in the past month. So much for Schengen Zone convenience! Fortunately we had our Duvine van with us to assist in getting all our cycling equipment through the border customs.
After crossing the border we discovered our HOTT Crew friends Dodie and Lola in a bar drinking Café Correcto. A simultaneously invigorating and relaxing discovery, Café Correcto has a very simple recipe: One shot of Espresso and one shot of Grappa. Dodie and Lola each knocked back 3, with Lola uttering her now daily refrain about the wine/cocktail consumption, "I needed every one of them!".

Location: Paris Métro at Chatelet
Imagined Profession: French Civil Servant
Photographer: GB

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Scarf Him Up

We swooned with delight upon scoring seats opposite this spectacular hottie on the Paris Métro! French men have such an elegant way of accessorizing their outfits. And the well-groomed facial hair is, as they say in France, déliciuex!
Our cycling adventure to France via Italy's Piedmont region was quite spectacular in itself! Here our HOTT Crew's bikes rest adjacent to a vineyard in Neive, Italy where our friends Dodie & Lola were filming outdoor scenes for their upcoming TV program.
FT (above left in "I Bike Boston" cycling cap) and Dodie (above right in sunglasses) on the vineyard film set in Neive, Italy. We all had sticky fingers from picking the ripe grapes!
Dodie found inspiration for a TV episode at the Nutella Pavilion at Milano Expo 2015. Such a delicious and versatile treat that's fabulous for maintaining our energy cycling up steep mountains! And our Dodie created an entire episode on delicious and healthy alternatives (below).
We had never encountered such a tasty group of healthy energy treats! MaraNatha Dark Chocolate Almond (top center) and Lotus Biscoff Cookie Butter (center) were our HOTT Crew's two favorites. Of course, the Bonne Maman Strawberry Preserves and Organic Adriatic Figs (on the knives) paired well with all of these. Good, but not favorite flavors were also Barney Butter Raw and Chia Almond Butter. GB discovered that Pinot Noir wine pairs well with these almond flavors, and has named the combination Pinot Butter.

Location: Paris Métro Line M5
Imagined Profession: Buyer for Bon Marché 
Photographer: GB

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Double Tuesday - The Full English

Two Flemish-speaking hotties with the one on the left in Pantaloons, no less! And hottie on the right offers contrasting style with slim-fit maroon jeans and leather bomber jacket. But what does "Full English" have to do with Belgian hotties?
Well, our HOTT Crew has been following our friends Dodie & Lola on their TV production filming through Northwest Italy, which took us (on our bikes in these damn mountains!) to the quaint Piemontese castle above in Morasco, Italy (where we were guests of the owner of the castle). The theme of this day's program was "Full English Breakfast for a Mediterranean Lifestyle".
Filming took part inside the 16th Century wine-press room (yes... the kind where Lucy chased the Italian woman and had a grape fight).
Dodie and Lola demonstrated how to transform hearty back-bacon, fried eggs, sausages, baked beans and fried toast into a heart-healthy Chorizo, jalapeño, avocado and cilantro dish that intensivizes the flavors of the traditional Full English Breakfast while cutting down on the gut busting fat content.

Personally, we found with that our 50 mile daily bike rides and massive mountain climbing in Italy we preferred the robust Full English to the Mediterranean transformation. But if you are more leisurely in your activities then this change could be quite beneficial.

Location: Red Line at Kendall/MIT
Imagined Professions: Left, Dance Instructor; Right, Dance Studio Manager
Photographer: GB

Saturday, 3 October 2015


Europe has stunningly handsome men, mind bogglingly inexpensive cell phone data plans, and probably the world's worst WiFi service bar none. But oh how we calm down when we see handsome men such as our hottie above on the Milan Metro!
Dodie and Lola's lifestyle cooking demonstration on Nduja (En-Doo-Yah) at Milan Expo was such a hit with us that we had them make ample amounts for us as we rode our bikes up and down the mountains of the Barolo, Barbera and Nebbiolo regions of Northwest Italy. We couldn't have made it up the 8-12% inclines (5-10 kms at a stretch!) without them in front of us in their heavily modified Ford Econoline 350 van.
After our rides it was time for filming of their TV program. Here is a pic from the location of the episode filmed at a vineyard/farm overlooking Acqui Terme, Italy. What a view! And Guido, the vineyard owner, was a sweetheart!
We're also pleased to report that Lola has sold her high-performance convertible sports car in Italy for far more than what she could have received in the US. To replace it Lola has just purchased a Citroen Cactus M series (available only in Europe) and will be shipping it back to Gloucester for resale at far more than what she had to pay for it here. Way to go, Lola!

Our HOTT Crew is currently in Paris where it's Fashion Week (just like it was in Milan last week) and we've been building up quite the library of pics of handsome men on the streets of Paris. We'll be giving you far more pics as soon as we get more reliable internet service!


Location: Milan S5
Imagined Profession: Fashion Model
Photographer: GB

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The HOTT Crew and The World's Fair

Of course we took pics of the sights and men at Milano Expo 2015! Above is the Italian gentleman who was in line in front of us at the Eataly Pavilion. 
Being aficionados of cocktails our HOTT Crew was thrilled to discover the Martini Pavilion!
Disneyland has nightly fireworks. Epcot has Illuminations. And Milano Expo has Macchina di Santa Rosa, a ginormous religious pylon topped with the blessed Santa Rosa. Nightly at 21:00 (9 p.m.) the Macchina lights up and over 500 lasers beams stream red lights onto the Expo representing the flowing blood from Santa Rosa's stigmata. Needless to say witnessing that called for a glass of wine!
Lola had 4 glasses, and said "After seeing that I needed every one of them!".

Milano Expo is an experience not to be missed!