Friday, 31 October 2014

Fabulous Friday - Anything But Casual

Dress for success, and dress to impress. That's what our stunning and adorably well-dressed fellow did for us on the T today! We'd like to point out what makes his attire so elegant and classic: a paler-than-robins-egg blue dress shirt, paired with a bold golden-yellow polka dot tie and a pocket square featuring geometric patterns in bold earth tone colors. Wow!

And with the passing of former Boston Mayor Menino there's a lot of discussion about renaming places in his honor, and our HOTT Crew would like to propose something that could make for a most impressive monument. As Mayor Menino was famous for delegating power to individual neighborhoods wouldn't it be nice if each Boston neighborhood chose how to honor him in their own neighborhood! Each neighborhood memorial could reflect how that particular neighborhood felt about him and how he greatly improved their lives.

We think making Menino memorials a hyper-local decision would be a fabulous way to honor his 2 decades of service as Mayor, and the sum of the parts would be far greater than renaming one particular place. Let's do it!

Location: Red Line at Kendall/MIT
Imagined Profession: Wardrobe/Fashion Consultant
Photographer: FT

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Legally Blonde

Our viking-esque hottie graced our train with a brilliance and poise that made for a memorable trip. And the coif of the hair, with its undulating waves of golden colors, is quite magnificent!

Location: Red Line at Porter
Imagined Profession: Antique Restoration Consultant
Photographer: GB

Wednesday, 29 October 2014

We Like Our Men... we like our whiskey. Aged and mellow!

Our fit and trim handsome man today knows his fine physique is as flattering to his clothes as his clothes are to him. Just look at how his pants cling seductively to his frame! And he wisely chooses a simple, classic, yet elegant plain white dress shirt that lets him move segue from casual to formal with barely a change. We regret that we didn't capture a frontal view of his sports sunglasses as they were really magnificent. We adore men who actively engage in sports!

Speaking of aged and mellow, we'd like to introduce you to Catherine Russell, our HOTT Crew's favorite jazz singer. She performs "Aged and Mellow on her new album "Bring it Back" (below in video). We think you'll like her style.
And the lyrics for Aged and Mellow are delightful! Especially this part:

There's nothing a greenhorn can do for me
Cause my older daddy suits me to a T.
Now I like my men like I like my whiskey.
Oooh, aged and mellow!

Location: Red Line at Kendall
Imagined Profession: Pharmaceutical Investigator
Photographer: GB

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Double Tuesday - Textured Warmth

We've mentioned the overwhelming number of black North Face jackets, and we'd like to take a moment to point out some very compelling alternatives that are most attractive and also make one stand out in a crowd.

Both of today's hotties are wearing jackets by Patagonia that are made of a polar fleece-like material, but have textured ribs that provide a most comfortable fit. And attractive, too. We like that extra attention to detail (even if it doesn't quite show up in a picture, it is very noticeable in person).
Location: Green Line at Kenmore and Park
Imagined Professions: Top, Marketing Analyst for Zipcar; Bottom, Sales
Photographer: GB

Monday, 27 October 2014

Magnificent Monday - It's All About the Sweater

Fall is a wonderful time of year because that's when men begin to display their fabulous sweaters! Here we have a strikingly debonair gentleman showing the the fashion forward features of a zip-up Mock Neck sweater. The delicious cream and ivory coloring of the sweater pair so well with our gent's khakis. And take a look below at our hottie's footwear!
Our man is a fashion template from head to toe!

Location: Red Line at Harvard
Imagined Profession: University Administration
Photographer: FTH

Sunday, 26 October 2014


Our hottie may be illuminated, but our HOTT Crew is exhausted from our whirlwind trip to Manhattan! But more on that in a moment. Our stunning gentleman above knows how well he looks in a creamy-white shawl-collared wool sweater. It's stunning on him, and even more stunning lit up! We think this is an ideal sweater for the classic and chiseled good looks of our gent du jour!

And what were we doing in Manhattan?
Our entire HOTT Crew were guests of our dear friends Dodie and Mave (who spent their early careers as financiers for Broadway productions). We were honored that they took us to the renowned singer / Broadway actress Barbara Cook's birthday party! The star of the party was Barbara Cook, of course, as she celebrated her 87th birthday. But there were other (ahem... lesser) stars in attendance such as Anne Hathaway, Audra McDonald, Renee Fleming, John Pizzarelli and so many more who were great fun to mingle with. Life is always exciting with Dodie and Mave!

And a special thanks to our friends TJ & Maxx who took care of Dodie and Mave's many pets so that we could all attend this special event!

Location: Green Line at Haymarket
Imagined Profession: Executive Assistant
Photographer: FT

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Wine Throwdown

We love men who sport a classic look that goes beyond the prep scene we see so often in Boston. Here our handsome gentleman hottie makes use of a rainy day to dress in a style reminiscent of a polo player. Classic and perfectly fitted khaki's tucked effortlessly into his dark Wellies (themselves reminiscent of riding boots). Arms insouciantly folded across his chest. He was a delight to behold, and made us want to open a fine bottle of wine to savor whilst observing him.

Speaking of wine, we notice our fellow renowned blogger BosGuy has discovered French wine! In particular a Clos des Fees Les Sorcieres. And a lovely wine it is, as we've enjoyed it with meals at The Abbey in Brookline and Cambridge. It's best drunk at a temperature of 58F to 60F (stick it in the fridge a half hour before serving).

BosGuy's review here:

Of course our HOTT Crew just returned from France with two large suitcases filled exclusively with wonderful French wines. Our HOTT Crew's favorite is a Domaine Jamet Cote Rotie 2008 (below in our HOTT Crew's test kitchen)
A juicy feel on the palate with pepper, plum, blackberry and cherry fruit laced with tobacco leaf and green olive notes. A delightful kirsch edge hangs on the finish! Somewhat pricey at $265 per bottle stateside, but we bought a case at the vineyard in France and paid in Euros, so it was as if it was free! Euros aren't real money, are they? If you do see a bottle at a wine shop in Boston don't hesitate to pick up one, two or a dozen bottles!

Anyway, perhaps our HOTT Crew needs to get together with BosGuy and Sergio to have a wine throw down of the best of our cellars!

Location: Green Line at Park
Imagined Profession: Art Gallery Manager
Photographer: GB