Thursday, 30 June 2016

Just Jack - Red Alert

Strikingly good looking and a standout in the crowd with his cherry red T-shirt, our hottie provides a welcome happy face on the commute home from work.

Speaking of work... our HOTT Crew friends Dodie & Lola have been hard at work putting together helpful hints to assist you in better enjoying the upcoming 4th of July weekend.

As many of you will be outside, and we assume thirsty, our ever dependable Dodie & Lola provide this handy Outdoor Drinking Guide to assist you in determining which alcoholic refreshment to take to your festivities and how not to get arrested in doing so! God bless them!
And in honor of #RuinShakespeare day on Twitter our HOTT Crew friend Dodie has come up with this contribution:

All the T's a stage, and all the hottie men merely players. - Dodie, Duchess of Warwick

Location: Red Line at Central
Imagined Profession: Informatics Engineer
Photographer: GB

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Pocket Guy

He's so cute you want to put him in your pocket! Gorgeous fit of the jeans, a red gingham shirt even Aaron Schock would approve of, and a mighty brolly (umbrella for our readers who aren't in our Dominions Beyond the Seas) to protect against this morning's showers. And he's only about 5'4". You can take him anywhere!

Speaking of travel, our HOTT Crew will be joining our friends Dodie and Lola this 4th of July weekend in... New York! We've been invited to a soft opening of New York's newest culinary experience, Kellogg NYC in Times Square (official hard opening date is July 4th). This new experiential dining location features noted New York chefs Anthony Rudolf and Christina Tosi.
We're looking forward to trying menu creations such as local whole milk with a combination of Sugar Frosted Flakes and Special K cereal topped with lemon, pistachio and thyme (above).
Food at Kellogg NYC is picked up by customers in "kitchen cabinets" designed like an un-automated Automat (above). Another treat we want to try is ice cream topped with Rice Krispies, strawberries and matcha powder. 

We'll let you know how it is! And maybe even share a recipe!

Location: Red Line at Harvard
Imagined Profession: Community Organizer
Photographer: GB

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Double Tuesday - #Adulting

We have a special Double Tuesday for you. Two men in their 20s acting their age and not expecting kudos for it! Emotionally underdeveloped 20 somethings would refer to it as #Adulting. But these men all have their act together and are doing so magnificently! Hottie in the middle is dressed for success, carries a leather briefcase and puts in a full day at work! He's hot!
And this hottie above, who was unassumingly riding in the background, appears as a model of self-sufficiency AND charmingly good looks! Just look at how he can hold down a full-time job and simultaneously be so fit and well-groomed!

Congratulations to our two 20-something hotties on reaching adulthood and accepting beautifully the responsibilities of being grown-ups!

Location: Red Line at Charles/MGH
Imagined Professions: Left, Finance Manager; Right, Retail Services Manager
Photographer: GB

Monday, 27 June 2016

Mr. Fixit

When you have a big event like a Brexit you suddenly have a need for a Mr. Fixit. And our handsome professional hottie is the perfect Mr. Fixit for a wild and uncertain week! Thick and luxurious perfectly combed hair. The precise amount of dress shirt cuffs displayed from the sleeve of his suit jacket. Sparkling polished shoes. He'd look good on the office and also on TV!

Happy Monday!

Location: Red Line at Downtown Crossing
Imagined Profession: Financial Strategist
Photographer: FT

Sunday, 26 June 2016


Our HOTT Crew has been transfixed today with 1) the gorgeous weather enabling us to partake in extensive cycling, and 2) watching BBC News this morning as the Great British Drama unfolds of not one, but two leadership party challenges taking place. If you haven't seen the British Version of House of Cards (on Netflix and iTunes) do check it out as it will leave you speechless in the context of today's events.

Will Britain find a Francis Urquhart?
Meanwhile our hottie isn't running for office, but he does appear to have changed somewhat from his work clothes so as to partake in a post-work run. Very nice!

Location: Red Line at Central
Imagined Profession: Political Coordinator
Photographer: GB

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Rush Hour

A hottie wears a Henley with thin horizontal stripes, a style so popular with European men. And it's a style we notice American men don't wear very well, probably due to the fact that American men tend not to be so free of excess body fat. So we can only surmise that since this gentleman looks so good in his horizontal striped Henly he must be from... Europe! Perhaps he's deep in thought over the recent Brexit vote. Or the potential for a French Frexit. Or Dutch Dexit. Or Swedish Swexit.

Our HOTT Crew doesn't know how we could handle all those referendums!

Wait.. Breaking News!
Where will our HOTT Crew be able to get a good British Pint while at Walt Disney World?!?!

Location: Green Line at Prudential
Imagined Profession: Grad Student
Photographer: FT

Friday, 24 June 2016

Fabulous Friday - Buy British!

Breaking News! The British Pound is crashing and EVERYTHING in Britain has plunged overnight in price! Time to visit Harrod's online. Or Fortnum & Mason. Yes, Selfridge's, too!

OK, our HOTT Crew is exhausted from staying up late last night watching the live returns from the BREXIT Referendum. We're always interested in political developments in our Dominions Beyond the Seas. And what a stunner of a result!

Speaking of stunning, look at our hottie above! Isn't he marvelous! Nice cuff in the jeans, too!

Happy Friday!

Location: Red Line at Central
Imagined Profession: Software Engineer
Photographer: GB

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Leave or Remain?

Today Britons are voting to leave or remain in a tight BREXIT referendum. Meanwhile our HOTT Crew votes to take this Union Flag bedecked hottie in a Speedo. To go!

We think he'd look magnificent in his kayak on the Charles!

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Sleepy Time Bear

Handsome men need their beauty rest, and our hottie this morning seems to be catching up on some zzzzzs in order to maintain his manly good looks. We won't wake you, sleepy time bear. We'll just sit back, relax and admire.

Location: Red Line at Harvard
Imagined Profession: Research Management
Photographer: GB

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Double Tuesday - Getting Down to Business

Our two attractive men show two different ways to be dressed for success. Hottie on the left is classically dressed for finance and law, whilst hottie on the right shows the epitome of proper attire for the high tech environment. Both seem very interested in what they do, and we were very interested in watching them do it!

Location: Red Line at Park
Imagined Professions: Left, Finance Manager; Right, Software Design Manager
Photographer: FT

Monday, 20 June 2016

And Your Little Dog, Too!

I'll get you my pretty, and you're little dog, too!

A great meme from The Wizard of Oz that popped into our head as we found this handsome bespectacled man and a little dog.

A nice way to start a Monday!

Location: Red Line at Central
Imagined Profession: Informatics Specialist
Photographer: FT

Sunday, 19 June 2016

High Cheekbones

On a recent rainy afternoon we captured this stunning gentleman with classic cheekbones. Just look at them! Perfection! And the rest of him is a stunning package of perfection, too!

Location: Green Line at Boylston
Imagined Profession: Tech Services Manager
Photographer: FT

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Hot Dude Reading

If you're going to be underground on a beautiful day like today you want to be near a hot dude reading book. And here we have one with a delightful grin on his face. What a charming fellow! And well read, too!

Men who read books are hot!

Location: Green Line at Symphony
Imagined Profession: Arts Non-Profit Coordinator
Photographer: FT

Friday, 17 June 2016

Fabulous Friday - Crimson Cruiser

Our hottie has sartorial flair in matching his cap to his T-shirt as he cruises around town on the T. He's a Harvard man through and through! And what a handsome Harvard fellow he is! A beautiful start to a new weekend.

Location: Red Line at Charles/MGH
Imagined Profession: Alumni Affairs Manager
Photographer: FT

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Wait? What?

A story that's a head scratcher. A text from someone that makes you say, "Wait, what?". A perplexing problem. A conundrum. We're not sure which one our hottie has but he's looking mighty fine while doing it. And he has an uncanny resemblance to a young Michael Keaton.

Location: Red Line at Park
Imagined Profession: Project Management Trainee
Photographer: FT

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Suitably Dressed

Easygoing good looks in a well chosen summer business outfit. And that lock of hair drooping effortlessly in front of his forehead is adorable. Well done, hottie!

And speaking of suitably dressed...

HRH Prince William, Duke of Cambridge posed for the current issue of the UK LGBT Magazine Attitude. What a prince of a guy! Well done, Prince William!

Location: Red Line at Harvard
Imagined Profession: Public Service Fellowship
Photographer: GB

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Double Tuesday - May the Shorts Be With You

Refreshing breezes, warm weather, and handsome fellows in shorts. It must be summer in the city. Both of these fine gentlemen are incredibly fit, and hats off to hottie on the right for being able to pull off wearing a shirt with horizontal stripes! Could he be European?

Location: Red Line at Charles/MGH
Imagined Professions: Left, Media Coordinator; Right, Marketing Intern
Photographer: GB

Monday, 13 June 2016

Fewer, or None at All?

Today's Boston Globe editorial wrote:

As more and more Americans suffer the impact of gun violence, the pathetic response of politicians - "thoughts and prayers," anyone? - cannot endure forever.

There is no shortcut: If we want fewer gun victims, we need fewer guns.

We agree that responses from politicians are routine and pathetic. But how sad that even the Boston Globe can only ask for "fewer gun victims" instead of having vision and courage to want no gun victims (and no guns) at all. 

We need to do more than aspire to be mediocre.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Prayer Isn't Working

Today's tragic events hit very close to home for our HOTT Crew as Orlando is our home. The massacre took place in our own neighborhood where we grew up. Friends live right down the street. Our Facebook notifications are constantly reminding us that friends are "safe". You've seen our previous posts about our frequent trips to Orlando. That's the neighborhood where this horrific event happened.

And as we just finished watching President Obama once again express shock and sadness at the event, assurances that it won't happen again, and call for us to offer prayers, we can't help but notice that prayer isn't working.

Could it be that God is calling us to do more than:

Post "Prayers for Orlando" on Facebook cover photos?

Vote for candidates who don't support a complete ban on guns and assault weapons?

Listen to clergy capable only of platitudes instead of leading us to take action?

Pay attention to politicians calling for a "revolution" but who are themselves unwilling to take on anyone scarier than a Wall Street banker?

Being from Orlando we're unimpressed with your #PrayersForOrlando Twitter hashtags and Facebook cover photos.

What will impress us is if you actually do something. You won't be alone. We'll be there with you.

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Happy Pride 2016!

A collage of handsomeness is in order for today as it's Pride! Happy Pride! And happy were we when we managed to snag a seat opposite this good looking man. We couldn't stop taking pics!

Speaking of Pride, here's the route for today's Parade.
It's going to be sunny so don't forget your hat!
See you at the Parade!

Location: #1 Bus at Sidney
Imagined Profession: Interior Design Consultant
Photographer: Nippy

Friday, 10 June 2016

Fabulous Friday - Mad Men

What style! Our hottie shows the proper hat style to wear and how to wear it! The mix of accessories is simply stunning and serve to accentuate his keen sense of style. Look at all the elements he folds together into one magnificent tableau! Let's take a closer look!

Here we see our handsome and debonair man is wearing a Fedora. Notice it's not a Trilby. You DO NOT want to wear a Trilby unless you're in Ptown and under the age of 25. And not only is he reading a book, he's reading a book in French! Quelle Magnifique! Fabulous show, debonair French-speaking gentleman!

Location: Red Line at Harvard
Imagined Profession: Associate Professor of French Literature
Photographer: GB

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Happy National Seersucker Day!

Just because our HOTT Crew is attending #PDF16 doesn't mean we forgot it's National Seersucker Day! Seersucker. A style and texture that celebrates the comfort of looking good. And we pay homage to National Seersucker Day not only by re-featuring a seersucker bedecked hottie from last year (, but also by displaying how some of our HOTT Crew members prefer to wear their seersucker!
FT (above left) goes for a "Full-On Seersucker" replete with white buck shoes, whilst GB (above right) likes to mix his seersucker sport coat with white linen pants for a slightly more casual look.

And FTH (above, sitting) adds suave elegance by pairing argyle socks and caramel color wingtip shoes with his full-on seersucker suit. Note that all of our HOTT Crew prefer to wear a pale pink dress shirt with their seersucker and ensure that their suits or sport coats are not overshadowed by flashy ties and accessories.

Location: Red Line at Park
Imagined Profession: Tennis Coach at Private Racquet Club
Photographer: FT

Under Construction

Men who build things are hot! And our handsome stud muffin has a construction hat to prove it! The green gingham shirt and granite khaki pants are the perfect attire for a managerial man at a construction site.

Location: Red Line at Park
Imagined Profession: Site Manager for Construction Company
Photographer: FT

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Violets are Handsome

There weren't any blues on our train as this handsome fellow was wearing a stunning violet shirt! What a way to brighten up our travels! We especially appreciated the "heads-up" way he reads the news on his iPhone. No downward slouching for this young man!

Location: Green Line at Northeastern
Imagined Profession: Research Associate
Photographer: FT

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Double Tuesday - Scrumdiliumptious

Two delicious hotties enjoying their ride home on the T make a perfect addition to our Double Tuesday series! Hottie on the left employs a laid back and spread out style, while hottie on the right makes use of the underseat room in front of him while listening to his friend. What a delightful view of two handsome men!

Location: Green Line at Kent Street
Imagined Professions: Left, Materials Management; Right, Information Services
Photographer: GB

Monday, 6 June 2016

Rainy Days and Sundays

What a deluge we experienced yesterday. But rain means seeing good looking men in rain jackets! Running into this handsome gentleman meant our Sunday was not a washout!
And our Sunday wasn't a washout for another reason... our HOTT Crew was invited to partake in a special dinner put together by Harvest Restaurant (Harvard Square) and Chef Daniel Burns of the Michelin starred Brooklyn restaurant Luksus. Five courses of creative and elegant food were each paired with the finest craft beers in the world. Amazing!
Our HOTT Crew especially enjoyed the 1st course finger "snack" of radishes, sorrel and pain de mie paired with an Evil Twin NOMADer Weisse beer (left). A real boundary pusher! And also the the black sea bass with fennel and shiso puré paired with an Enlightenment Ales Titania Nordic Saison (yummy beyond compare!).

Hats off to Harvest of Harvard Square for putting together such an incredible and eye opening food and beer pairing dinner. We were delighted to partake!

Do visit Harvest restaurant and also check out the book Food and Beer!

Location: Green Line at Northeastern
Imagined Profession: Administrative Manager
Photographer: FT

Sunday, 5 June 2016

The Weekly Reader

Tousled hair, a comfortable buttoned-down shirt, and jeans that fit yet can hold an iPhone in the back pocket, and a book in hand. Our definition of a good looking man who knows how to enjoy the day. He's our weekly reader!

Location: Red Line at Central
Imagined Profession: Non-profit Manager
Photographer: GB

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Beach Boy

Our HOTT Crew cooled off by biking from Boston to Rockport, and then returned back to Boston by train. Amazingly it was 20 degrees cooler along the coast than just a couple of miles inland. It was heavenly!

And the hottie on our train back was heavenly, too. Cute as a button and quite a delightful man. What a pleasure to sit near him on the Commuter Rail!

Location: Rockport Line at Manchester-by-the-Sea
Imagined Profession: Technology Marketing Manager
Photographer: Nippy

Friday, 3 June 2016

Fabulous Friday - The Kwonut

Today our HOTT Crew sampled the Croissant Donut from Dunkin Donuts as today is National Donut Day! And like the Croissant Donut, our hottie above is solid and well built. Not a dainty affair like the French counterpart, both the Croissant Donut and our hottie today have a beefier, more robust build.

And how was the Croissant Donut? Well, to be honest it was like eating a slightly denser and chewier Krispy Kreme glazed yeast donut. We really didn't detect any buttery bouquet as one would with a classic croissant. The finish (after the donut had been swallowed) was a pervasive sugar syrup sensation. It's a fine donut, yet the price tag of $2.49 is overpriced for comparable items from other donut purveyors. We've begun referring to it as the Kwonut (Kwahsant + Donut = Kwonut).
Dunkin Donuts "Kwonut" on left, Krispy Kreme glazed yeast donut on right.

Location: Red Line at Harvard
Imagined Profession: Assistant Coach at College
Photographer: GB

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Natty Nantucket!

Nantucket Reds (shorts predominantly worn on the Cape & The Islands) are a harbinger of Summer. And they're making their appearance on this classic man with perfect style. Men look good in the "guaranteed to fade" colors of Nantucket Reds!

Location: Green Line at Arlington
Imagined Profession: Finance Intern
Photographer: FT