Thursday, 31 May 2012

Legal Eagle

We were out early on the T when we caught sight of this sharp looking hottie. A nicely tailored brown suit stands out due to the excellent choice of color (peachy coral) for the tie, and this gent's hair style is trimmed to a T. We especially admire the exquisite facial skin tone that has a hint of being active outdoors on weekends. And the deft use of a Blackberry device, pervasive in the legal profession, goes so well with his chosen outfit for work.

Location: Green Line at Brookline Village
Imagined Profession: Associate Attorney

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Double Tuesday - Administrator vs. Doctor

Our Double Tuesday feature was moved to today due to the Memorial Day holiday. And today's hottie reminds us of a picture sent to us by one of our loyal Twitter followers (hint, hint, FTH!) Here we see two well-dressed hotties. Hottie on the left is decked out in a black suit and expresses his fashion sense with an eye-catching yellow tie on a French blue dress shirt and he shows his stylistic flair with a black quilted-cover briefcase. Hottie on the right is dresses simply, yet quite attractively, in blue scrubs and a black hoodie. This view of these two gents reminded us of the hospital push-and-pull between hospital administrators and the doctors. Yet they seem as if they get along. And look good while doing it, too!

Location: Red Line at Charles/MGH
Imagined Professions: Hospital Administrator (left), Attending Physician (right)

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Doctor!, Doctor!

Due to the Memorial Day Holiday falling on a Monday all of this week's special features (Double Tuesday and Fabulous Friday) will be airing one day later from their regularly scheduled time. But the thoracic surgeon hottie we're featuring today nonetheless has us seeing double. How fortunate we were that a thoracic surgeon conference was being held at the Royal Sonesta Hotel in Cambridge. It meant that this stunning doctor boarded our train after earning the CME's needed to maintain his license.

If we ever have to have major surgery this is the man we'd want to see moments before being put under anesthesia.  You can tell that he is meticulous with everything he does. The shoes are flawlessly maintained. His pants, dress shirt and sport coat are still stunningly pressed even after a day in the classroom. The jet black hair is styled with 3 perfect strands purposefully swirling into a nice bang on his forehead. Imagine what this hottie looks like in scrubs!

Location: Green Line at North Station
Imagined Profession:  

Monday, 28 May 2012

Let's Play Ball

We so want this hottie to take us to a park where we can play ball! And do you have any idea how difficult it is to stay focused on a commute to work when you have this drippingly handsome gent right there in front of you?

Thick luscious hairy thighs barely contained by his shorts. Delightfully handsome face with neatly trimmed beard and moustache. And, of course, a Red Sox baseball cap that cleverly compliments his red jacket. And a masculine grip of his iPhone finishes off today's course of gorgeousness.

Location: Green Line at Park
Imagined Profession: Coach

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Seeing Red

The color red is never neutral. It's the color of birth. In fact, it may have been the first color ever - the color of the primal bang from which the universe began. The poet and monk John O'Donohue has observed that it's both the color that flows in the darkness beneath our skins and the color - "a wild fire-dance of red magma" that flows far beneath our feet, under ground that is "only vaguely solid." - The Rev. Patrick C. Ward

The thought provoking words above help us find a lens through which we can better appreciate this handsome gent's picture. Look carefully at all the colors in this picture. Green, blue, yellow and black. Earth tones, whites and grays. And our hottie's red t-shirt, red jacket, and red day pack provide a foundation for everything that's in view. His red attire illuminates him, yet we find ourselves drawn by his red attire to gaze beyond. It provokes us to imagine what else is out there that we don't yet, or may never, actually see. And the color red is a tip for us that it exists whether we see it or not.

So today we're going to follow this hottie's lead. We're going to wear red and open ourselves to the unfathomable that surrounds us. Why don't you wear red today, too? After all, it's the first color ever!

Location: CT1 at Mass Ave
Imagined Profession: Renaissance Man

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Winning Smile

What a way to start a long weekend... with a winning smile!  This ebullient hottie was a delight on our commute to work. Simple business casual Friday attire. Day pack. Beginnings of scruff. And a smile that could melt away any rain.

Location: Green Line at Fenway
Imagined Profession: HR Administration

Friday, 25 May 2012

Fabulous Friday - Perfect Fit

Look at the fit of this gent's t-shirt! We like the way our hottie's biceps fill out the entire sleeve of his t-shirt (look at the sleeve on the left!). And his sculpted pecs are made even more handsome by the strap of the leather briefcase which serves to separate and accentuate each pec as it crosses his torso.

Our hottie's orangish-red hair is brilliant, and goes so well with the yellow in the advertisements behind him. If this man is selling something we'll buy it!

Location: Red Line at Charles/MGH
Imagined Profession: EMR Systems Sales

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Simply Suit

UPDATE July 13, 2012 at 1:16am: OK... tell us more about this hottie! Send an email to us at!

We couldn't help but try out a new picture taking technique that RM taught us. We call it the "I'm checking my  voicemail" pose! We just need to remember that it's best used only in sections of the T that have cell reception. As most of you already know, Copley Station won't have cell phone service until the end of 2012. Oh well. We got a great pic!

Look how well this hottie looks in a suit! And when we saw him from the side it was obvious that this is a gentleman who works out. Notice the cut of the suit jacket and how it fits his torso like a glove, but without being tight. His tie is still in place even though it's the end of the day. And, of course the ever present umbrella that we've all been having to carry this past week. We imagine that when he gets home he's going to do what any well-dressed gentleman does... he's going to have a martini! We wish we could join him.

Location: Green Line at Copley
Imagined Profession: Attorney

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Diamond Supply

We like it when we encounter West Coast hotties on our East Coast T. It provides a welcome change from what can be a sometimes subdued New England style. This hottie greeted us aboard our morning commute and really woke up our senses with his simple, yet up-to-date fashion, and he's especially adept at matching colors that can be quite difficult to pair. For example, these mustard color military chinos go surprisingly well with the granite green long-sleeve T. And notice how the robin's egg blue stripe on the T goes so well with the chinos! We admire hotties who are skilled at making hard-to-match colors look so good! Completing the skater look is a meticulously groomed hairstyle with multiple colors that go with his outfit.

Location: Red Line at Ashmont
Imagined Profession: Software Programmer

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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Double Tuesday - Sporty Gents

We like the athletic sporty type of men. Especially when we find two of them together in one pic! Hottie on the left has an appearance that says he likes to work out and go on long weekend hikes. Hottie on the right seems to be the type who regularly spends time lifting weights in order to keep in shape. And look how happy these two hunky gents are! 

Location: Green Line at Copley
Imagined Professions: Sales (left), Accounting (right)

Monday, 21 May 2012

Flowing Hair

Just look at this hottie's long wavy hair! We rather like that he's chosen a less common hairstyle as it's most flattering on him. Brushed-back hair that tumbles like a waterfall around his ears and the back of his head. And the striped dress shirt really adds to his height and slim build. Quite an attractive outfit for this handsome gent to be wearing to work.

Location: Green Line at Longwood
Imagined Profession: Hotel Meeting Planner

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Playing in the Rain

Yesterday's "Singing in the Rain" hottie was so popular we thought we'd continue the theme and feature yet another umbrella toting gent. We admire men with large umbrellas as much as we admire deliciously groomed facial hair! But we're so glad the rainy week has given way to spectacular sunny weather. Do look for RM, GB and Nippy as they bike through your neighborhood this morning! (FT has a family reunion and FTH is working.)

What really attracted us to this gentleman are his pants. Just look at those pants! The fit not too tight, nor too loose. Follow the silhouette of the pants starting at the thigh and move up to his waist. See how well his trim frame is accentuated? The slight curve inwards starting at the pocket reveals a delightfully flat stomach and equally trim waist. At the perfectly fitted belt we encounter his exquisitely starched dress shirt. At the end of the business day his shirt cuffs are still finely pressed! We shouldn't overlook his deft handling of the iPhone as he plays a game (he's not taking a picture of us, is he?!?!). And yet again we see an umbrella not only perfectly positioned with his stance, but of a color combo that makes his outfit zing. Well done!

Location: Green Line at Winchester
Imagined Profession: Pharmaceutical Consulting

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Singing in the Rain

We've had a spell of rainy weather the past week, and some very dreary days. Yet RM captured hope amongst the raindrops with this stunningly gorgeous hottie. Earbuds in place, this gent was swinging to the sounds on the way to work! 

Rain was not going to deter our hottie for today from being impeccably dressed at work. Brilliantly shiny black dress shoes, navy suit, and perfectly positioned and proportioned navy umbrella with just the right amount of yellow highlights to make his ensemble pop. This hottie was litterally singing in the rain!

Location: Red Line at JFK/UMass
Imagined Profession: Finance

Friday, 18 May 2012

Fabulous Friday - Scruff

UPDATE MAY 19, 2012: Our apologies to Jeremy C. Fox of for infringing upon his exclusive Twitter hashtag (#mbtabrag). We only used it once.

We were on our way home from a church service commemorating Ascension Day when we happened upon this feast of a hottie on the Red Line. The prayers of our readers for more scruff were answered. Hallelujah! 

Open-toed sandals herald the arrival of spring-like weather. The jeans reveal long angular trim legs. A green t-shirt loosely envelopes a well-built torso, and a droop of the neckline hinting at the strong possibility of an oh so manly hairy chest. And that face. Just look at this hottie's facial features. The nose alone is worthy of Michelangelo's David! But there's more! Thick, lush, wavy hair that answers the prominence of the defined eyebrows. And scruff! More than just a five o'clock shadow, but not so much that it hides the defined jaw line and dimpled chin. Such wonderfulness on a Thursday evening! Could this gentleman be headed to his sculpting studio in Fort Point Channel?

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Location: Red Line at South Station
Imagined Profession: Sculptor

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Fashion on the Move

FTH really outdid himself with this stunning still photo of a soulful hottie with a moving background. And look how this gentleman displays how effortlessly he can model a high fashion look. It's as if we're at Fashion Week in New York!

First, lets examine the pose. Hottie's left shoulder is dropped slightly as he places his left hand in the pocket of his dress slacks while barely disturbing the hang of his jacket. The left leg is also positioned slightly off center to adjust for the dropped shoulder and to accentuate the stylish stance. Meanwhile, the right shoulder is perfectly even, which gives his head the appearance of a slight insouciance of a tilt (but in reality he's not toting his head at all). As we travel down we notice the perfectly positioned right arm, exquisite cut of the arm of the jacket at just the right place on the upper wrist, and then an ever so deftly held umbrella, the umbrella serving more as a fashion accessory than as a needed accoutrement. Last, but not least, we notice the voluptous lips and very handsome hairstyle. All this while the train is in motion! We admire this hottie for having transported us to the more fashionable neighborhoods of New York and London!

Location: Red Line at Charles/MGH
Imagined Profession: Model

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Reading on the Red Line

We admire men who become engrossed in their books. This hottie is catching up on Kushiel's Chosen, a renowned fantasy novel, while waiting for a train. We could spend quite a bit of time describing what we liked about this fascinating gentleman, but instead we'll let the description of his book speak best what we were thinking.

"The land of Terre d'Ange is a place of unsurpassed beauty and grace. The inhabiting race rose from the seed of angels and men, and they live by one simple rule: Love as though wilt."

Location: Red Line at Park
Imagined Profession: Novelist

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Double Tuesday - Rough and Ready

We really like the contrasting styles in today's Double Tuesday feature. Hottie on the left is wearing a navy suit, white dress shirt, and solid navy tie with a crisp hairstyle that will take him from a day of boardroom meetings to an evening gala at the Gardner Museum. Hottie on the right is dressed appropriately for having just finished a workout at the gym, and is prepared to change at work from his athletic jacket and cool-down pants into attire suitable for his office. Of course, we especially like his beard and moustache!

Location: Green Line at Park
Imagined Professions: Real Estate Investment (left), IT (right)

Monday, 14 May 2012

Shorts and Shades

Our Hotties on the T crew (all 5 of us!) had a great day yesterday participating in the Christina Genko 1st Annual Mothers Day ride in Newton. 300 cyclists at this 1st annual fundraising event, and so well organized. And quite a challenging route, too, with an extraordinary amount of steep hills! We each put in about 50 miles on our bikes yesterday (we'll try to post some pics of us on our ride on Twitter at @hottiesonthet), but still had time for an excursion on the T to capture today's hottie.

With temperatures in the low 80's the dress aboard the T reflects the summer-like weather, and this hairy gent was wearing the quintessential summer attire of flip flops, shorts, and a not-quite-buttoned-all-the-way short-sleeved shirt. Just look at those shapely hairy legs! And the handsome chest hair! And, swoon, a luxurious beard and moustache! We like Summer!

Location: Red Line at Broadway
Imagined Profession: Radio Broadcasting

Sunday, 13 May 2012


UPDATE: All of the HOTT crew members are participating in a Mothers Day charity bike ride just west of Boston today. Come join us! It's an easy 34 miles!

In American jargon, handy means "close by". In German handy means "cell phone". This hottie demonstrates how two cultures can blend together by utilizing a Handy and having it handy.

And what a handy fellow he is! Sumptuous beard and moustache that are neatly groomed. Hair done just right without appearing to "done". And what a happy smile on his face! We were thrilled to see him on our train while going home from a Red Sox game.

Our Hotties on the T Crew had a fabulous night at Fenway Park last night. If you follow us on Twitter (@hottiesonthet) you can see a pic of RM and GB at the game ;-)

Location: Green Line at St. Mary's
Imagined Profession: Accounting

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Jim Dandy

In celebration of receiving our 30,000th visitor to Hotties on the T we've decided we're all going to go to a Red Sox game tonite! And speaking of celebration, this fine gentleman above certainly knows how to celebrate fashion! Just look at this finely choreographed tableau that unfolded in front of us: Pale brown slip-on leather shoes with a slightly yellow tint that conveniently brings the eyes to the next element, the slacks. The deep emerald green slacks hang at just the right length above the shoe and continue up and over the knee until they give way to the intricately chosen coffee tumbler. The deep lime green coffee tumbler abruptly changes angle in order to point our eyes upward to take in the sport coat. Notice the exquisite fit of the sport coat and how it reveals that this hottie's upper torso flairs outwards in that athletic v-shape. Finishing off this extraordinary T tableau is a brilliantly white dress shirt, fashionable sling satchel, styled aviator eyewear, and a perfectly polished head.

We also admire how this hottie wears his expensive watch. Ever so deftly he's positioned the watch so that it just peaks out from under the shirt cuff, and the cuff revealing an ever so fashionable 1/3 inch beyond the sport coat sleeve, creating a triple combination of stylish delight.

Location: Red Line at South Station
Imagined Profession: Interior Designer 

Friday, 11 May 2012

Fabulous Friday - Euro Delight

UPDATE MAY 11 - 9:11PM: We hit the 30,000 visitor milestone after just 2 1/2 months! Thank you!

How fortuitous we were to run into this Euro-styled hottie on our way home yesterday! What initially caught our eye was his stylish slim-fit shirt, delightfully unbuttoned just enough so that we could get more than a glimpse of quite the handsome hairy chest. And as you can see from the picture on the right he has plenty to show off that's underneath the shirt. The shoes, too, are an excellent choice that can function as business casual but also serve well for trendier occaisions. The dark sport coat, highly stylized sling satchel, and aviator Ray Bans perched atop his head solidify his continental theme.

You're a delight, Mr. Euro Hottie!

Location: Green Line at Summit Ave
Imagined Profession: Development Officer at a Museum

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Utterly Gorgeous

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We sure lucked out when we encountered this stunning gentleman dripping with hotness on the Green Line. Notice the hirsute arms and how they cradle his book. He made an excellent choice in pants. The style and fabric work so well on a rainy day, and the khaki is a stunning comparison to his dark blue mini-checked shirt layered underneath with a black long-sleeved T.

Of course, we're a sucker for well-groomed facial hair. Just look at how his hair cut, beard, and moustache are all trimmed and cut to maximum effect, framing his handsome visage. We're just speechless with this gents handsomeness!

Location: Green Line at Arlington
Imagined Profession: Teacher

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Dinner Date?

When this gentleman boarded our train we just couldn't help but wonder if he was going home or going to something. From the lack of day pack/sling satchel we assume he's completed his work day. And if he was going to a work-related event he'd be traveling inbound, not outbound.

So, we decided that he's meeting someone special for dinner. Perhaps in Newton. Could it be a first date? Whatever he has planned we enjoyed looking at the fit of his finely pressed dress shirt and the way it compliments his freshly tanned face.

Location: Green Line at Fenway
Imagined Profession: Sales Director

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Double Tuesday - The Bear and the Existentialist

This week's Double Tuesday duo intrigues us with their contrasting, yet complimentary, styles.  Hottie on the left exhibits a classic bear personna with his rich black-brown beard and moustache, accentuated by his equally impressive eyebrows and perfectly shaved head. Hottie on the right takes a completely different approach. The French Existentialist look. Perhaps he's fresh from the Sorbonne, or just wants to really delve into Jean-Paul Sartre or Albert Camus by dressing in that 1950's French Existentialist style.

We have admiration when two completely different types of hotties show such engagement with each other. They must be great guests at a dinner party!

Location: Red Line at Charles/MGH
Imagined Professions: Product Buyer, left; Philosophy Grad Student, Right  

Monday, 7 May 2012

Channeling Harry Potter & Steve Jobs

We were so captivated by this hottie! On the one hand he has reminds us of Harry Potter with those dark horn rimmed glasses. On the other hand he reminds us of Steve Jobs with his black t-shirt, jeans and running shoes. What we especially like, however, is that he adds his own style. The t-shirt is v-necked and shows off us muscled pecs and biceps. The full satchel sling bag leads us to believe he's an action-packed kind of guy. And he generally has a delightful look about him.

Location: Green Line at Washington Sq
Imagined Profession: Computer Wizard

Sunday, 6 May 2012

BC Boy

UPDATE MAY 10, 2012: Wow! BC Boy is now highest rated hottie, reaching the #1 spot at 7:26pm! If you know more about him please let us know at!
We really enjoyed watching this hottie on his way to work. Could he be a recent graduate of BC? Long and lean, the fleece BC jacket accentuates his height, and then we get a brief hint of color with a bit of his shirt showing at the bottom. Khaki pants that fit so well. Newspaper to keep abreast of the latest news. Half consumed coffee beverage showing he's ready for work. And alert forward gaze showing he's ready for the day.

Good job, hottie!

Location: CT1 at Mass Ave
Imagined Profession: Sports Marketing

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Oh That Face

Oh, this picture simply doesn't do justice to this hottie's face. Such fine facial features. The close cropped hair. The groomed five o'clock shadow. The adorable nose. Lips so... fine! And skin tone so perfect. We simply couldn't stop gazing at him on our commute home. He had that intriguing combination of looking as if he's comfortable doing manual labor, yet also featured modelesque features. It's as if he's just waiting to be discovered!

Location: Green Line at Fairbanks
Imagined Profession: Construction / Modeling

Friday, 4 May 2012

Fabulous Friday - Sleeping

Thanks to our loyal Twitter follower @kenjimallon for inspiring us to get this pic for today's Hotties on the T posting! You see, @kenjimallon took his own pic of a sleeping hottie on the T yesterday, posted it to twitter (click here to see), and mentioned us in his tweet.

So let's compare these two pics:

MBTA Vehicle Sleeping Accommodations 
kenjimallon: Green Line Breda train
Hotties on the T: Green Line Kinky-Sharyo train
Winner: Hotties on the T (Kinky-Sharyo trains have better seating for sleeping)

kenjimallon: College Casual - piping on jacket and striped baseball cap
Hotties on the T: Business casual - accentuated by earth toned scarf
Winner: Kenjimallon (flamboyance gets you everywhere)

kenjimallon: Mid 20's
Hotties on the T: Mid 30's
Winner: Tie (we're not ageist at Hotties on the T!)

Overall Winner
It's a tie!

Thanks again, @kenjimallon, for making our day and inspiring us in our daily quest to find a Hottie on the T! And we just may have to meet you in person to recruit you onto our team ;-)

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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Keep Looking Up!

Greetings, greetings, fellow Hottie gazers! We were becoming rather disappointed with not being able to get a pic of any of the multitude of hotties on our packed Green Line train (Rush Hour + Red Sox Game). Then, after Kenmore, the multitudes parted and this most handsome gent positioned himself directly in front of us and high on our horizon, affording us an opportunity to use our "star gazing" skills.

We admire this hottie for gently combining a very masculine appearance with astute fashion sense. Attention to detail makes this gentleman stand out. Nicely starched and pressed dress shirt. Perfectly styled hair. Exquisitely groomed facial skin and eyebrows. Strong hands holding the iPhone at just the right angle.

It pays to "keep looking up!"

Location: Green Line at St. Mary's
Imagined Profession: Finance

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

You Build Me Up

We admire creative men. And the sight of this hottie with a handful of architectural floor plans made our hearts skip a beat. We assume from the blue prints that he designs fabulous indoor spaces. And just look at the rest of him. Stylish quilted down jacket. Moustache, beard and close-cut hair all delightfully reddish brown. Long lean fingers. 

Oh my, our Hotties on the T crew is making another batch of Ketel One martinis just thinking about all the goodness this gentleman packs as he travels to work.

Location: Red Line at Kendall/MIT
Imagined Profession: Architect

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Double Tuesday - Double Picture



A picture can say a thousand words. And two pictures can potentially say far more than what is really going on. FTH's two pics of these two hotties ignited our imaginations into what could be happening in this scene. Brazilian soccer supporter on the left is engrossed in his iPhone. Well-dressed commuter on the right is, in our wild imaginations, taking stock of the nearby scenery and issuing commentary via facial expressions.

But rather than describe to you in detail what we imagined might be going on, why not take in the photos for yourself and let your own imagination go wild!

Location: Red Line at Downtown Crossing
Imagined Professions: Brazilian Little Soccer League Coach (left), Product Development (right)