Saturday, 30 November 2013

By Design

We encountered this bespectacled hottie as he was toting what appears to be architectural drawings in a case that goes so well with his outfit and also his tall trim frame. We imagine after he gets home he'll then be heading out to do some holiday shopping. And from the style of eyewear and the cut of his hair we can only imagine that his architectural renderings are of the most exclusive and cutting edge design.

Location: Green Line at Park
Imagined Profession: Architectural Drafter
Photographer: FT

Friday, 29 November 2013

Fabulous Friday - After Thanksgiving Glow

Our HOTT Crew had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends. And we are now basking in the glow of having sumptuous meals and wonderful times with those close to us. And our hottie reminds of us the joy of being with loved ones for the holidays. Matter of fact, we'd like to invite him along to our next holiday feast!

We hope your holiday weekend is going well.

Location: Green Line at Longwood
Imagined Profession: Research Scientist
Photographer: GB

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

One of the pleasures of the rush to Thanksgiving is the plethora of handsome men waiting for their trains! Here we have two striking gents awaiting for their commuter rail train to be ready for boarding.

Thanksgiving is a special time for everyone on the HOTT Crew. It arrives at a poignant time of year as the trees stand newly shorn of their leaves, the days have shrunk to what seems like a few hours of light between the two darknesses, and the chill in the air hints ominously of what's to come. And as the nations stops, we just together just as a band of haggard Pilgrims in a new land once did... to offer their thanks to God.

Happy Thanksgiving

Location: North Station Commuter Rail
Imagined Profession: Homeward Bound Men for the Holidays
Photographer: GB

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Double Tuesday - High Visibility Fashion

Fashion and style come in different flavors of high visibility. And our two hotties today show the breadth of display in this fashion sense. Hottie on the left is perfectly attired for a blustery snow-flurry day and can easily been seen in his fashionable high-visibility yellow jacket with black sleeves. Blue jeans and running shoes show his on-the-go outside, perhaps with errands, and is adorably entranced with his iPhone. Hottie on the right is equally entranced with his iPhone and also casually attired, but in a very different take on being prepared for the weather. His charcoal pea coat and deftly arranged geometrically patterned scarf work so well with his jeans and stylish shoes. Prepared he is for the outdoors, but especially prepared for making a statement upon walking inside from the cold. Aren't our double hotties cute!

Location: Green Line at Copley
Imagined Professions: Left, Software Coder; Right, Urban Retail
Photographer: GB

Monday, 25 November 2013

Bundled Up

It shouldn't be this cold so soon in the winter season. It's 16F (-9C) at HOTT Headquarters. But our incredibly good looking hottie is dressed for the weather, and looking quite fetching, too.  A seasonably appropriate color combination of blacks and grays is simply stunning. From the highly polished black shoes with black socks, gray dress slacks and black pea coat to the immaculately styled black hair our hottie knows how to show off his fine looks even when covered up. The white iPhone ear pods are a nice highlight to his outfit, too.

And now is a good time to remind our readers of the Hotties on the T Pea Coat Selection Guide. The rules for picking a pea coat are quite simple. If you meet the following criteria you'll look smashing in a pea coat.

1). Be 32 years old or younger
2). Have a waist size of 32" or less

If you don't meet both of the criteria above you should look for a different style of winter coat. Trust us.

Location: Green Line at Hynes
Imagined Profession: Business Metrics Analyst
Photographer: FT

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Austin City Limits

What a sumptuous sensation of a hottie for a Sunday! And the persona of our handsome gent is one of a hottie from far away. From a place with flair. Where the men have style, depth and are completely at ease with themselves. A place like Austin, Texas. From the leather Kenneth Cole jacket to the layered untucked shirts to the multitude of color combinations, this hottie has it all. And in our brief trip from Park to South Station he twice ran into friends that he knew and also made two new friends along the way. We like our hotties friendly and outgoing!

Location: Red Line at Downtown Crossing
Imagined Profession: Musician/Singer
Photographer: GB

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Customer Service

Sometimes one has a need for a little TLC. Some customer service, one might say. And here we have a handsome fellow perched right in front of the Customer Service booth. It's a sign! He's here to help! And all-around nice looking guy to provide a welcome diversion to the riders of the T!

Location: Orange Line at Back Bay
Imagined Profession: Customer Service Manager
Photographer: FT

Friday, 22 November 2013

Fabulous Friday - By The Numbers

We adore handsome men who love numbers. We could just cuddle up and watch them tally away. It's a special man who knows how to control the world through spreadsheets and algorithms. And this hottie has fits the bill. Bedecked in gray slacks and a blue "Bain Capital" jacket from a company outing he's the model of, well, attractive financial models. He's our Fabulous Friday!

Location: Green Line at Copley
Imagined Profession: Venture Capital Associate
Photographer: GB

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Captain Jack

Yet another in our series of "Just Jack" hotties. Here we have a deliciously handsome man luxuriously displaying himself in the season's finest color... black! Shiny black shoes, black slacks, black overcoat, black scarf and black hair delightfully offset and enhance our gentleman's skin tones on this bright and crisp morning. Absolutely stunning! Scroll down for links to the rest of our "Jack" hotties.

Location: Green Line at Chiswick
Imagined Profession: Fiscal Services
Photographer: GB

Just Jack - November 4, 2012
Just Jack - A Sequel - December 22, 2012
Jack of All Trades - January 30, 2013
Jack in the Box - March 25, 2013
Jack and the Beanstalk - July 25, 2013
Jack Ladder - August 23, 2013

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Keeping it Simple

We captured this handsome fellow display to perfection that keeping it simple is a fine way to stand out in the crowd. Trim, classically groomed and a study in how a little bit goes a long way in shining bright. We like!

Location: Green Line at Haymarket
Imagined Profession: Research Technician
Photographer: FT

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Double Tuesday - Smart Men Smart Phones

We find men who use smartphones incredibly hot. And men who use iPhones are the hottest of all! Here we have the smartest and hottest phone users together in one pic. One dressed casually and the other decked out in a suit. Both quite fetching!

Location: Green Line at Kent
Imagined Professions: Left, Warehouse Distribution; Right, Back Office Finance
Photographer: GB

Monday, 18 November 2013

Manly Man Monday

Warm winds are blowing through this Monday morning, with sporadic storms dampening the beginning of the week. And blustery chill winds are forecast for later today. So what does one wear to work? Well, our hottie showcases the perfect outfit for such a damp, windy, constantly changing day!

Location: Green Line at Kenmore
Imagined Profession: Software Engineer
Photographer: FTH

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Get Me to the Church On Time

Men who wear bow ties are special. Eclectic. Self-assured. Down right fun! And so we were thrilled to capture this striking gent on his way back from a wedding. Replete with slate blue skinny suit and green "Churchill" style bow tie our man of the day shows of his style and flair.

Location: Green Line at Copley
Imagined Profession: Medical Records Specialist
Photographer: GB

Saturday, 16 November 2013


The eyes. The classic moustache. The tousled hair. The studious and intent visage. All combine together to bring us a sumptuous and handsome hottie for this beautiful Saturday.


Location: Red Line at Central
Imagined Profession: Academic Administration
Photographer: FT 

Friday, 15 November 2013

Fabulous Friday - Blond and Beautiful

It must be nice to be blond and beautiful as is this hottie above, and we sure do enjoy watching him while we wait for our train! So casual, with hair and attire mussed up just enough without being disheveled, and so handsome!

Location: Green Line at North Station
Imagined Profession: Radiologist
Photographer: GB

Thursday, 14 November 2013

Suited Up

Fabulous gray suited hottie with an under layer of fleece to ward off the chill and we have a handsome gentleman ready for work indoors and excursions outdoors. We love men you can take everywhere!

Location: Orange Line at North Station
Imagined Profession: Director of Business Development
Photographer: Nippy

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Maroon Varoom

We love it when we see handsome men in winter bedecked in colors other than black. And today's hottie has made a very compelling color choice with his maroon sport coat and matching maroon socks, offset by the complimentary soft blue jeans and gray checked shirt. And look how nicely his white iPhone compliments his ensemble! Way to go, maroon hottie!

Location: Green Line at Park
Imagined Profession: Retail Management
Photographer: FT

Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Double Tuesday - Bicycle Built for Two

Riding commuter rail gives us the opportunity to experience new kinds of hotties. Here we have a pair of commuting cyclists showing off not only their handsomeness, but also their collapsible bikes! Hottie on the left adds some flair with a cycling cap, while hottie on the right is pure business regarding his good looks. Both are captivating and incredibly fun to gaze at as we hurtle up to Cape Ann.

Location: Commuter Rail at Manchester by the Sea
Imagined Professions: Left, Sales Director; Right, Finance
Photographer: GB

Monday, 11 November 2013

Sweater Weather

There's a chill in the air, and it brings out the heartwarming adorably cuddly and handsome men on the T. And this hottie has the autumn colors down pat! Delightful facial hair helps ward off the chilly winds and snowflakes that are about to descend up our city.

Location: Green Line at Kenmore
Imagined Profession: Fiscal Services
Photographer: FT

Sunday, 10 November 2013


We're a bit late today getting this hottie posted, but we do hope you enjoy our handsome businessman we captured on the T. Attired in business wear suitable for a law office, our hottie seems to be catching up on casework to be ready for the day's agenda.

And if you're wondering why we're late posting it has to do with the "Kaboom" title. GB is currently in Florida dealing with estate matters and decided to have lunch with our HOTT Crew's friend Biscuit who resides in Florida, after which he was going to update the blog. But when he and Biscuit were stopped at a traffic light only 1 block from 4Rivers BBQ (best BBQ restaurant in Florida, by the way) KABOOM! A crazy woman behind them and driving at a high rate of speed plowed directly into their  car! Biscuit's car went flying into the car stopped in front of him and we had a 3 car pile up. The aftermath of the wreck can be seen below. And Biscuit (and Crazy Woman who caused the accident) wound up being taken to the hospital due to their injuries! Fortunately everyone's air bag deployed which meant everyone's injuries were far less than they might have been without air bags.
Poor Biscuit's brand new Prius seems to be totaled, as does Crazy Woman's fresh-off-the-car lot Toyota Venza. Biscuit is now on the mend and GB is way behind schedule with his chores in Florida. Such is life, but we're very grateful everyone seems to have avoided serious injuries. And as you can see from the text below that Biscuit (gray text) sent to GB (blue text) from the exam room in the ER, Biscuit is always looking out for opportunities to get pics of hotties!
We'll share the hottie paramedic pics later :-)

Location: Red Line at Downtown Crossing
Imagined Profession: Junior Attorney
Photographer: FT

Saturday, 9 November 2013


We love the light of autumn and how it provides sunbeams on our hottie's auburn hair. The attire may be winter, but the look is pure warmth!

Location: Green Line at St Paul
Imagined Profession: Claims Analyst
Photographer: FT

Friday, 8 November 2013

Fabulous Friday - Hunkarama!

Hot! And perfect for the cooler weather we're getting. An absolutely fabulous find on a fabulous Friday. Enjoy!

Location: Green Line at Kenmore
Imagined Profession: Design Studio
Photographer: GB

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Climb Aboard

What a woof of a hottie climbing aboard our train! Elegant shoes, well-fitted jeans and a delightful pea coat. The perfect wake-me-up for a morning commute!

Location: Green Line at St Pauls
Imagined Profession: Interior Design
Photographer: GB

Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Our FTH captured this handsome gent with an Adonis look whilst commuting home from work. The pose is perfection! The facial features and hair with curls adorable! 

Location: Red Line at Park
Imagined Profession: Fort Point Channel Artist
Photographer: FTH

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Double Tuesday - Scrumdiliumptious

Two delicious hotties enjoying their ride home on the T make a perfect addition to our Double Tuesday series! Hottie on the left employs a laid back and spread out style, while hottie on the right makes use of the underseat room in front of him while listening to his friend. What a delightful view of two handsome men!

And don't forget to vote today! Important elections in Boston, Cambridge and Gloucester (we endorse the re-election of Mayor Carolyn Kirk in Gloucester!).

Location: Green Line at Kent Street
Imagined Professions: Left, Materials Management; Right, Information Services
Photographer: GB

Monday, 4 November 2013

Profile of a Monday

A profile of a new week. Looking ahead to new adventures. Contemplative. Introspective. Handsome. We wish we new what was in store for our hottie gentleman this week. Happy Monday!

Location: Green Line at Coolidge Corner
Imagined Profession: Administrative Services
Photographer: GB

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Rolling Rally Celebration!

We had so much fun riding on the T during the Red Sox Rolling Rally! 2 million Red Sox fans lined the streets and crowded the trains, but what excitement and joy everyone was having. And our ride on the T had a special bonus at the end (keep scrolling down!). Above we have two delightful hotties in Red Sox attire traveling from one viewing spot to another.
The crowds thinned out as we transferred to a trolley going from Government Center to North Station, giving this hottie a chance to spread his wings and display is pride in our home town team!
And this hottie shows his pride in the USA while traveling about to different viewing spots on the parade route.
Our travels yesterday included traveling up to Cape Ann on the Commuter Rail for Dodie and Mave's traditional "Red Sox Won the World Series" bash. And our commuter rail conductor above was emblematic of all the fine MBCR Commuter Rail staff who did a wonderful job handling the crush of passengers, and who also were all decked out in Red Sox fashions. But the best experience on the T came as our commuter rail train pulled out of the station... 
The piece de resistance of our T journeys yesterday was seeing the Red Sox players aboard the duck boats as the sailed next to our commuter rail train! How exciting to see them so close and have a seat! We felt as if we had the best seats in the house!

Location: Rolling Rally Through Boston on the T
Imagined Professions: World Champion Fans
Photographers: GB, FT, FTH, Nippy and Undercover RM

Saturday, 2 November 2013

We Love a Parade!

We love a parade that brings 2 million people onto the T in one morning! We hope we get some fabulous pics of men as handsome as this stunning gentleman above. Perfectly prepared for the commencement of autumnal weather our hottie wears a black windbreaker and a stunningly clever scarf!

Location: Green Line at Boylston
Imagined Profession: Museum Administration
Photographer: GB

Friday, 1 November 2013

Fabulous Friday - Fashion Forward

It's quite a treat when we spot a hottie with a fashion forward sense of style. The expertly styled gray pea coat, navy dress slacks, highly polished shoes and a robin egg blue geometrically patterned tie and Red Sox Red lunch box. And the glasses really add to the equation of his fabulous style. Good show!

Location: Green Line at Park
Imagined Profession: Financial Services
Photographer: GB