Monday, 30 September 2013

Our Monday Man

Today's hottie launches the start of a new week for us. And he launches his Monday with a large iced-coffee and a delightfully casual dress that nonetheless shows taste and discernment. And the perfectly styled hair and fine facial features make our hottie quite the fellow to encounter on the way to work!

Location: Green Line at Brookline Village
Imagined Profession: Health Care Administration
Photographer: GB

Sunday, 29 September 2013

A Journey Begins

Our gorgeous hottie above is attractively dressed in slim fitting khakis, a buttoned down shirt and handsome V-necked navy sweater. It's as if he's embarking on some kind of journey. To where he's going we're not sure, but he seems to be prepared. Our HOTT Crew is all about journeys. Currently we're flung far and wide, but when we return to home we'll be, as we always are when we finish one journey, enriched and renewed and prepared for our next adventure. Speaking of adventure, our FTH landed yesterday in Florence, Italy as he begins his journey to a villa in Tuscany. And naturally he's taking pictures for us!
Departing Florence FTH captured this Italian hottie who doesn't seem quite at ease with the Anglo-American custom of taking pictures of hot men on subways and trains.
FTH had a bit of scrambling to do as he realized that "Tuscany" isn't the name of his destination's train station, but rather a region of many stations and railway lines. Oh dear!
And here he is passing through the Sieci, Italy train station, located on the historic Via Aretina. Bellissimo!

Location: Red Line at Park
Imagined Profession: Materials Management Manager
Photographer: FT

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Hanging Loose

Our hottie loosens up at the end of a long work week by untying his richly textured navy blue tie and opening up the collar of his dress shirt. You can tell it's been a long week, yet he still looks handsome and put together, and ready for this glorious weekend!

Location: Green Line at St Mary's
Imagined Profession: Sales Manager
Photographer: GB

Friday, 27 September 2013

Fabulous Friday - Lean Back

The pose, the clothes, the lean back into the side of the train! A spectacular treat for all of us on our way to work. And how delightful to see a gentleman look so casual, so comfortable, and so sumptuous!

Location: Green Line at BU Central
Imagined Profession: Grad Student
Photographer: GB

Thursday, 26 September 2013


Our hottie today has an air of intentionality about him. He's absorbed, involved, and aware. And most of all he's quite handsome! The royal blue shirt and white iPhone ear pods are a delicious accent to our gentleman's fine features.

Location: Green Line at Science Park
Imagined Profession: Research Scientist
Photographer: FTH

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Hottie Got an iPhone 5c!

How wonderful! Our first spotting of an iPhone 5c on the T! White as the driven snow that buried us last February, this white iPhone 5c was cleverly accessorized with a white iPhone 5c case, both obviously chosen to match the stylish wide white wrist band that our hottie paired with his watch. And how, you may be asking yourselves, can we tell that this is an iPhone 5c and not the older, slower, less camera megapixels iPhone 5? Why, look below!
The case! Prior to our hottie sitting down he was standing up and displaying the subtle external tell tale sign that he's acquired the iPhone 5c. Glorious holes in the lower 2/3 of the case are the definitive sign that this is the newest of the sporty iPhones. It's a stylish phone, handsomely equipped, and goes well with our stylish and handsome hottie.

Location: Green Line at Coolidge Corner
Imagined Profession: Accounting
Photographer: GB

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Double Tuesday - It's Time to Vote!

Boston Globe's Guide to the Candidates:

The diversity in candidates in today's Boston mayoral election is reflected in the diversity of our hotties on the T. Both of our gentlemen above seem to be lost in thought about where they're going. Quiet and contemplative, they both seem to have someplace to go and something to accomplish. Simply dressed and neatly groomed, their faces are part of the myriad that encompasses the face of our city.

And just as our hotties have something to do, so do those of us who live in Boston. It's voting day! But rather than endorsing a candidate for mayor we're going to ask you to do us a quick favor before you vote. With the tremendous diversity in the slate of highly qualified candidates for mayor we have an opportunity to base our decision not just on what we want individually but also on what others in our city need. So, after reading through the positions and strengths of each candidate and going to your polling place, think of all the people you see on the T and think about what they need, too.

And then vote for Boston!

Location: CT1 Bus at Mass Ave
Imagined Profession: Men who vote
Photographer: FTH

Monday, 23 September 2013


We find all types of men to be captivating. This adorable hottie shows off his tech chic with multicolored striped shirt, sleeves fashionably jougged above the elbow, and ever so adorable eye wear. And the lime green iPhone case is a nice compliment to his attire.

Location: Green Line at Copley
Imagined Profession: Coder
Photographer: GB

Sunday, 22 September 2013

Pilgrims in a Holy Land

We're writing today's post from rainy and space gray Provincetown. Our band of HOTT Crew pilgrims  is moving tentatively from site to site along Commercial Street as we try not to become drenched in the deluge outside. It is, however, a perfect time to reflect upon the pilgrimage we've just made. An annual pilgrimage that has us pedaling our bikes 125 miles in one day every September. It's the same route year after year, and has become a kind of holy land for us. Every mile unique, yet cumulatively all linked together reminding us that this is no mere physical challenge. It's the end of a year of service, and also the launch for a new year of service. A physical and spiritual renewal of the bond we feel with those in time of need and our chance to invite and welcome others to join us in this journey. 

There are a lot of holy lands. Our hottie above is in an area some consider central in their lives. Bedecked in red fleece jacket (could this be a harbinger of the end of black North Face jackets?!?!), and a driving cap and stylish eye wear exuding edification, our hottie patiently waits for the bus, and has a look that seems to say, "I'm home. This is where I belong".

And below you can see the welcome sign that greeted us as we arrived on our bikes in Ptown and just how rainy it is!
Location: #1 Bus at Central Square
Imagined Profession: MIT Staff
Photographer: FT

Saturday, 21 September 2013


He's stylishly dressed in a suit. His elegant dress shirt is unbuttoned at the collar. Every crease perfectly pressed. Our hottie's hair is fashionably mussed and provides a clever contrast to his impeccable business attire, all of which is accentuated by alluring facial hair and a Nokia Lumia 1020 phone.

What?!?! That yellow phone isn't an iPhone 5c?!?! That's correct. It's the ever so rare smartphone that received glowing reviews for it's camera capabilities, and gives us a hint that our hottie is a daring individual. Confident to explore new horizons on his own. An entrepreneur with skill and confidence. Someone brave enough to venture alone outside the warm embrace of the Apple ecosystem.

And as you read this we're hurtling towards Provincetown on our one-day 125-mile fundraising bike ride. Our pre-ride breakfast and starting point was at Trinity Church at Copley Square (the volunteers from Trinity Church were wonderful to us!), and fortunately they had WiFi so that we could include the pic below that we took as we gathered outside.
Location: Green Line at Brandon Hall
Imagined Profession: Technology Startup Entrepreneur
Photographer: GB

Friday, 20 September 2013

Fabulous Friday - Forward Thinking

He's bright. He's beautiful. He has that "Forward Thinking" air about him. Our hottie wears a delicious chambray shirt accented with an ever so subtle gold chain and pendant and sports delightful scruff, boyish good looks and golden hued hair. Always a pleasure to have a handsome smiling face to watch on the T. And right now we're off the T and waiting... be interviewed outside the Apple Store! Yes, we're blogging from outside the Apple Store as we wait in line to pick-up (our Jony reserved phones for each of us) our brand new iPhones! What a happy day!

Location: Green Line at Copley
Imagined Profession: Marketing Program Coordinator
Photographer: FT

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Shake It Up Baby

This hottie had us in the mood to Twist and Shout on our way home from work. And besides having an uncanny resemblance to one of our favorite bartenders at our favorite Dorchester bar (dBar) he also just happens to be an expert at shaking a cocktail. Could our dream of having a Club Car on the T finally be coming true?  A classic 1940's bartender with our hottie's handsome looks and in-shape physique would be a wonderful addition to a classic rail car such as the one on which we're traveling. And how extraordinary that in addition to a classic bartender in a classic rail car we have these fitting lyrics from a classic hit song:

Well, shake it up baby, now (shake it up, baby)
Twist and shout (twist and shout).
C'mon c'mon, c'mon, c'mon, baby, now, (come on baby)
Come on and work it on out (work it on out).

Well, work it on out, honey (work it on out)
You know you look so good (look so good).
You know you got me goin', now (got me goin')
Just like I knew you would (like I knew you would).

Location: Mattapan High Speed Line at Butler
Imagined Profession: Bartender Extraordinaire
Photographer: FTH

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Dick Tracy

Just as the Dick Tracy (1990) film exclusively used a color palette of only 7 primary colors our fellow today bedecks himself in the same color scheme. Our hottie's clever choice of red, blue, green, white and gold for his ensemble leads us to give the same artistic review for him as the art critics gave to Dick Tracy... brilliant! Of course, Dick Tracy became famous for his hand-held communicator devices which presaged the iPhone by 60 years, and you know how much we love iPhones!

Speaking of iPhones, our Apple friends (and heartthrobs) Sir Jonathan Ive and Craig Federighi let us know that we should expect the iOS 7 update to appear around 1pm Eastern Daylight Time. Jony and Craig also encouraged us to make sure we have our iPhone/iPad chargers with us when we update to the new iOS (and do a backup of our devices before upgrading, too). So bring your chargers to work today!

Location: Green Line at BU Central
Imagined Profession: Production Assistant for Film/Movies
Photographer: GB

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Double Tuesday - C is For Color

We love men. We love men who love iPhones. And we love that these hotties love the new iPhones so much that they dressed in the colors of the iPhone 5c they pre-ordered! Hottie on the left has an adorable personality, goes for baseball caps worn backwards and iPhones in brilliant yellow. Hottie on the right is practical, has a sensible girlfriend and likes to shake things up by carrying an iPhone in Bahamas blue. Both are handsome, in-shape and all-around nice guys.

Speaking of the new iPhones, there are a lot of news articles advising how to decide between the iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s. All of them base their suggestions on how the tech specs of the 5c and 5s match differing needs. But our HOTT Crew knows that it's not about the tech specs, it's about fashion. And the best way to determine (for a man) which new iPhone is best to acquire is as follows:

If you wear cargo shorts you should get the iPhone 5c.

If you wear shorts without cargo pockets get the iPhone 5s.

Wasn't that simple!

Location: Green Line at Haymarket
Imagined Professions: Left, Marketing Coordinator; Right, Accounting Associate
Photographer: Nippy

Monday, 16 September 2013

Golden Rays of Sunshine

Our HOTT Crew awoke this morning to a fabulous sunrise. Did you see it, too? Golden rays of sunshine beamed down from the skies to greet us for the beginning of a new week. And then we captured a pic of this hottie with golden locks flowing down and providing the perfect framing for an angelic face. Even his earbuds are illuminated with sunshine. What a way to brighten up our day!

Location: Commuter Rail at Salem
Imagined Profession: Educator/Renowned Wildlife Photographer
Photographer: Nippy

Sunday, 15 September 2013


Our hottie is a study in being pensive, and he looks so sharp while he's doing it. We can only wonder about what he is lost in thought. But he sure had us lost in thought about how stunning he looks!

Many of you have been visiting us via a link from Boston Magazine's recent article titled T-Shaming: Everyone's Doing It. It's an interesting article, yet the reporter (Steve Annear) didn't contact us to learn what we actually do, nor seem to actually read our blog and discover that one thing we never do is shame fellow riders. Our blog is about the opposite of shaming. We celebrate the diversity of riders on the T by highlighting the wonderful individuals we encounter. Many of our "hotties" discover themselves (or are discovered by friends) on our blog and the response is overwhelmingly positive. Over 600 men have been featured on our blog, over 152,000 visitors have visited our blog, yet only 1 of our 600+ hotties has requested his picture be removed. That's a phenomenal rate of satisfaction and highlights our success at only saying nice things about the men we showcase.

A recent post of ours from August 9 titled Fabulous Friday - A Hotties Retrospective (click the title as it's a link to the post) even concludes with a detailed commentary from us showing that shaming people is simply not something about which we will become involved. We wish Steve Annear from Boston Magazine had looked at more than the pics on our blog before linking (figuratively and literally) what we do with shaming. 

Location: Green Line at Coolidge Corner
Imagined Profession: HR Specialist
Photographer: GB

Saturday, 14 September 2013

B for Boston

Our hottie above is kicking back and stretching out as he takes in the beginning of the weekend. And his T-shirt shows he's a proud Boston fellow. The red accent marks on his running shoes and the red Wrist Strong wrist band are also wonderful highlights to his simple, yet very attractive look. What a delightful looking hottie!

We hope you have fun plans for the weekend. As many of you already know our HOTT Crew participates in many community fundraising events, and this weekend we're getting in the last of our training rides as we prepare for our 125 miles-in-one-day Harbor to the Bay AIDS Fundraising bike ride on September 21. One of the ways we train is by participating in fundraising bike ride events for other worthy causes, and we invite you to join us tomorrow (Sunday) for the Bikes 4 Life fundraising ride which raises funds for Livable Streets, a bike advocacy organization. You can follow this link... for more information. We hope to see you there!

Location: Orange Line at Mass Ave
Imagined Profession: Bartender for Sports Pub
Photographer: Undercover RM

Friday, 13 September 2013

Fabulous Friday - Unapologetically Hot

We're big fans of Sir Jonathan "Jony" Ive, creator of the iPod and iPhone and Senior Vice President of Design at Apple, and it turns out Sir Jony is a big fan of our blog! So we've invited him to be the official describer for today's Fabulous Friday post. So, without further ado, and in his own words, Sir Jonathan Ive:

"Our featured fellow today is, in many ways, the distillation of what people love about hotties. He's simpler. More essential. He's more capable, and certainly more colorful. We believe our hottie is an experience. An experience that's defined by his hardware and software working harmoniously together. And he obviously continues to refine that experience by dramatically blurring the boundaries between the two, making him more powerful, more intuitive and ultimately more useful to us. 

Our young gentleman above is beautifully, unapologetically hot. His multiple elements have been reduced to a single impression reminiscent of polycarbonate whose surface is continuous and seamless. We think hotties with a real coherence are a result of developing form, material and color in unison; each element informing and in many ways defining the other, creating a significant and meaningful appearance. His soft, matte, microfiber-lined violet polo shirt is a very intentional contrast to the glossy hardcoat finish of his hairstyle. The final result is a look that extends and compliments our hottie by offering dozens of potential colorful combinations."

We so enjoyed listening to Jony dictate his description to us (using FaceTime, of course!) and hearing his delightful British accent and the incredible way he manages to pronounce both "T's" in "hottie". We also can't help but notice the uncanny similarity of his hottie description to his iPhone 5c description (see video below). Whatever... it works!

Location: Orange Line at Back Bay
Imagined Profession: Hardware and Software Design
Photographer: FT

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Sufferin' Succotash!

It's hot outside! And our hottie makes it even hotter! And we love the way our gent cools off his feet by standing on his shoes. Moving upwards we first encounter a colorful Microsoft shopping bag. What? Microsoft? We imagine he's simply picking up an item for a friend who hasn't yet experienced the the joy of living in the Apple Ecosystem. Continuing our journey upwards we notice the space gray jeans stylishly cut off just below the knees. Perfect for the sweltering heat. Speaking of heat take a look at the fit of the jeans. Simply extraordinary! But wait, there's more! Continuing our adventure we take note of the Boston T-shirt. Not only does it hug and caress every toned muscle of his torso but it also features a map of Boston... ideal for helping newly arrived lost college students find their way about town! Last, but not least, our stunning model of perfection sports an iPhone 5 deliciously accented by billowly chestnut hair and nicely trimmed facial hair. Sufferin' succotash, he's hot!

By the way, our hottie above is the 600th hottie to be featured on our blog! Happy Sexcentenary!

Location: #1 Bus in Cambridge/MIT
Imagined Profession: IT Coordinator for Non-Profit Organization
Photographer: FT

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

It's All About the iPhone

Clothes don't necessarily make the man, but the latest model of iPhone sure does help! Our hottie is dressed for success, and the slight touch of color he's added to his iPhone adds just the right amount of zing to his ensemble. Tall and trim as an iPhone 5 our handsome fella catches up on the latest news as the T whisks him to his office at Government Center. Speaking of iPhones our HOTT Crew was paying close attention yesterday at 1pm to the unveiling of the newest iPhones. We know most of you were caught up in the Apple Press Event as much as we were because our blog analytics showed a dramatic drop-off in viewers at that time period! And we were thrilled that Jony Ives designed a new line of phones especially for our HOTT Crew!
Jony tells us that he had our HOTT Crew in mind when he created the iPhone 5C, with five different brilliant colors for the five brilliant mobile mega-blogger stars on our team. Who gets which iPhone 5C?

Nippy - Green, for the color of the leafy suburbs where he lives.
Blue - FTH, for the blues music of which he is so fond.
Yellow - Undercover RM, for the vibrant party fellow.
Red - GB, who is color blind and will think he has a phone that alternates between red and green.
White - FT, who looks so good in a tux whilst holding a white iPhone.

But wait, there's more!
Our dear friend (and Fantasy Apple Husband) Craig Federighi convinced Jony to create a special line of iPhones, the iPhone 5S, for our HOTT Crew to take along to the many elegant dinner parties at TJ & Maxx's home on Cape Ann as well as to the frequent gala fundraising events to which our HOTT Crew is invited. The burst photography that enables taking 10 pictures per second will be especially handy for getting just the right photos of all the stunning men in tuxedos with whom our HOTT Crew mingles.  And who gets which of these fine phones?

Silver (right) - FTH and GB, brushed aluminum is a favorite texture.
Space Black (middle) - Nippy and Undercover RM, perfect for those frequent office meetings.
Champagne (left) - FT, because it's the color of Veuve Clicquot

Location: Green Line at Government Center
Imagined Profession: Lobbyist
Photographer: GB

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Double Tuesday - The Invincibles

After a brief cool spell men are preparing for the blast of heat that's heading our way. Who can handle the drastic change of 47F (8C) one day and 90F (32C) the next? Why, our invincible double hotties above can, that's who! Clad in cool loose-fitting shorts and all-cotton T-shirts our hotties aren't going to let the sizzling heat get them down. And while it's hot they're looking cool with sneakers color-coordinated with the T-shirt (hottie on left) and showing how they can be impervious to the heat with a powered suit of armor (hottie on the right). We rather like that the character Iron Man is a billionaire playboy, industrialist and ingenious engineer. Sounds like our HOTT Crew!

And we hope our international audience appreciates that we translate the quaint and provincial Fahrenheit temperatures used in the U.S. into the globally recognized Celsius scale.

Location: Orange Line at Downtown Crossing
Imagined Professions: Left, Retail Clothing Associate; Right, Billionaire Playboy
Photographer: Undercover RM

Monday, 9 September 2013

Back to School Special

And by school we're referring to colleges and universities, of course. Hordes of young adults have descended upon our city and have navigated their way onto the T (some without even having to call mom!). Here we have quite the handsome hottie in stunning new attire and looking bold and confident on his way into the Back Bay. Perhaps he's off to an internship position downtown. Or just impeccably dressed for a downtown college or university. Whatever the case may be he's looking might fine!

Location: Green Line at Arlington
Imagined Profession: Public Relations Intern
Photographer: GB

Sunday, 8 September 2013

Clean as a Whistle

We like hotties who show off their biceps while bringing home the dry cleaning. Clean clothes are a good thing! And such a fit and handsome lad. We imagine he's texting the spouse an update on his day's progress.

Location: Orange Line at Stony Brook
Imagined Profession: Stay at Home Dad
Photographer: Undercover RM

Our HOTT Crew has been paying rapt attention to the general election yesterday in their Dominion Beyond the Seas (Australia) where a new Prime Minister was elected.  The two candidates for the position of The Queen's Prime Minister were Kevin Rudd (see amazing video below) and Tony Abbott (see amazing spandex attire in the cycling and swimming photos below). Australia, what a country!

Saturday, 7 September 2013


We loved observing this hottie as he scrolled through songs and playlists on his iPhone. His black ensemble is illuminated by the white earbuds. And his moustache is delightful! Besides being entranced with his handsome looks we also can't help think our gent would look fabulous on a stage debuting a new iPhone!

Location: CT1 Bus Stop at Harvard
Imagined Profession: Graphic Designer
Photographer: FTH

Friday, 6 September 2013

Fabulous Friday - His Own Man

There's a chill in the air, and our hottie today is displaying a wonderfully casual style for work that suits his personna to a T. The detail with which he has styled his scruff and haircut to highlight his natural features is not too much and not too little and, combined with his choice of attire (khakis, white shirt, long-sleeved black T-shirt underneath and a hint of brilliant color in his shoes) serve well to show a truly individual take on the well-dressed and handsome man. 

Our hottie is obviously comfortable in his own skin. And while fashionably dressed he isn't beholden to displaying himself in a style that would make him appear to have just popped out of Tumblr or Pinterest. We're reminded of a recent Wall Street Journal article "Succumbing to the Tyranny of #Menswear" where the author decries the fetishization of what's called "individual style" where "no cuff button is unbuttoned, no monkstrap buckled, where individuality has become a uniform". Kind of like disembarking from the ferry in Ptown and finding oneself amongst a sea of Trilby hats, giving the impression that one has just stumbled upon an audition for High School Musical.

So we salute our manly hottie of the week as we love how comfortable and handsome he looks, and also how comfortable and wonderful he makes us feel! Happy Fabulous Friday!

Location: Red Line at Central
Imagined Profession: Publishing Editor
Photographer: FT

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Orange You Glad to See Me?

Our weather had transformed from crisp and autumnal to damp and rainy, and our hottie today dressed ever so appropriately in attire that's perfect for being comfortable in the unsettled weather. And our gorgeous hottie, bedecked in shorts and a T-shirt, sports delightful scruff and is reading a book! We love men who read real books, especially ones who appear to work out as our gentleman above does.

Location: Orange Line at Back Bay
Imagined Profession: Financial Analyst
Photographer: Undercover RM

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

On the Street Where You Live

I have often walked down the street before,
But the pavement always stayed
Beneath my feet before.
All at once am I
Several stories high
Knowing I'm on the street where you live!
On this crisp, almost autumnal morning our presence was graced by this handsome hottie. From the perfectly pressed business attire and black sling travel bag our gentleman seems to be dressed for an out-of-town business meeting. And from his carefully sculpted appearance we have a feeling it will be quite the successful meeting for him!

Location: Green Line at Englewood
Imagined Profession: Software Sales Manager
Photographer: GB

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Double Tuesday - Mixing Business and Sports

We're feeling just a wee bit blurry from the holiday weekend and thought this slightly blurry pic of two hotties was most appropriate! Hottie on the left is ready for work and hottie on the right is ready for sport! Both showing how business and pleasure can mix, and quite attractively!

Location: Red Line at Downtown Crossing
Imagined Profession: Left, Business Analyst; Right, Sportsman
Photographer: Undercover RM

Monday, 2 September 2013

Fifty Shades of Black

Our hottie may be dressed for work, but our HOTT Crew says, "Take the day off!" Shiny black dress shoes, light black dress pants and a black and white checked shirt with semi-dark black tie provide our gent with an outfit perfect for work as well as after-work play. We do hope he's taking the day off this Labor Day. And just a note, the person reflected in the window is not FTH!

Location: Red Line at Downtown Crossing
Imagined Profession: Inside Sales Manager
Photographer: FTH

Also, thanks to our blog readers who keep on giving! On Saturday you donated $2,785 to our Harbor to the Bay AIDS Ride Fundraising event, and on Sunday you donated an additional $1,215! You are our heroes!

You can still donate, and still be entered to win roundtrip for two on JetBlue by making a $50 donation, using the links to our favorite teams below. And any donation amount is greatly appreciated!

Team MGH - Only one rider, but smokin' hot!!!! Our HOTT Crew is making a note to look for this hottie at Charles/MGH Station! Donate Here!

Team YLC Fenway - Cue the theme song from the classic 60's film Where the Boys Are! What a roster of fine looking young men! Donate Here!

Team Kiki - Who doesn't love men who know how to party?!?! Kiki! Kiki! Kiki! Donate Here!

Team State Street - Lions, tigers and BEARS, oh my! Donate Here!

Team First Parish Brookline - Every church should be this much fun! Donate Here!

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Traveling Man

First off, heartfelt thanks to all of our blog visitors for donating $2,785 yesterday to our Harbor to the Bay AIDS Ride fundraising event! And that's just in 24 hours! At a time when the Olympic movement is permitting the marginalization of people, it's especially noteworthy that you've shown your concern for fundamental human rights and showing respect for the dignity of all people by supporting an event that mirrors your values. You can still donate (and be entered to win roundtrip tickets for two on JetBlue) by clicking on the donation links in yesterday's post. We thank you!

Our ever so handsome hottie has plans for the holiday weekend! And his choice of attire seems to indicate he's going to a cultivated and urbane destination. The black suitcase and computer pack are a perfect compliment to his dark jacket and red checked shirt (the red checked shirts are definitely popular this summer!). We wish we could go with him!

Location: Green Line at Hynes
Imagined Profession: Software Engineer
Photographer: FT