Thursday, 31 January 2013

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to... us! We had no idea one year ago today that we would not only be the first blog to feature hotties on the MBTA but also swiftly become the pre-immenent go-to site to find those hotties. Our band of five men have faithfully captured thousands of hotties on their iPhones and iPads so that we can deliver to you, our adoring fans, a hottie every day for an entire year. His stunningly well-fitted pea coat, genuine leather book back pack and checked gray scarf made for a handsome outfit that matched the handsome man wearing it. And GB couldn't help but notice that this hottie was so into FT! For the entire ride he was scoping out FT whenever he could! 

And it's appropriate on this, our 1st birthday, to give a shout out to our favorite T driver. He's nice. He's friendly. He's helpful. His professionalism, good nature and positive outlook provides a very noticeable level of relaxation amongst his passengers. He's... Green Line George! Driver number 71173. Absolutely hands down the best driver on the entire MBTA. If you encounter Green Line George on the D Line (where we always seem to encounter him) do tell him what a great job he's doing! And let there be no mistake... being nice is hot!
1st Picture Location: Red Line at Kendall
Imagined Profession: Retail Men's Clothing Associate
Photographer: FT

2nd Picture Location: Green Line at Government Center
Imagined Profession: BEST Mass Transit Driver EVER!
Photographer: GB

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Jack of All Trades

Another in our "Jack" series of hotties. Elegantly dressed in a gray wool duffle coat with matching gray  geometric patterned scarf and gray North Face gloves. Neatly complimented with a hint of a green sweater layered underneath and a dark khaki sling satchel. Subtle. Stylish. Unique. Happy! And if he's a Jack of All Trades of what is he a master?

Scroll down for our Top 10 Hotties of the year!

Location: Green Line at Government Center
Imagined Profession: Fiscal Services
Photographer: GB

And today concludes the first year of Hotties on the T! It's been fun seeing which of our daily hotties strikes the fancy of T-riding Bostonians. So here's our Top 10 list of the most visited hotties on our blog. And follow us on Twitter! @HottiesOnTheT

Click on the title to see the post!

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#5   Tall Boy

#6   Double Tuesday - Groomed Goodness

#7   Tech and Tools - And a Bonus, Too!

#8   Cops and Robbers

#9   Looking for Something

#10 Intensity (with a Footmen of Downton Abbey video clip!)

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Double Tuesday - Musical Chord

A musical note may, on it's own, sound nice. Combine it with another and there's the chance that it will sound even better due to the harmonizing of the richness found in each discrete note. Remember the surprise when you first discovered the sound of discrete notes combined (a chord) together? Well that's how we felt when we encountered these two fashionable hotties on our train! 

Both of our hotties have puffy down-filled jackets, but of different colors. Each has a stylish haircut, yet the haircuts are fashioned differently. Our fine looking gents are both engrossed in their books, although one is focusing exclusively on real book while the other is going back and forth between a real book and an eBook. And while hottie on the left has serviceable, yet trendy shoes for the icy weather outside hottie on the right notches it up with fashion by choosing wingtip boots! Could his boots be Ugg Aspleys? Or are they Rockport Oakroom wingtip boots? We must confess to be utterly enchanted with the shoes on our hottie on the right! And below you can get a better look at him individually in all his stunning glory.

We hope you enjoy our double hotties today. And hope that you also note our proper use of the word discrete

Location: Green Line at Brookline Village
Imagined Professions: Left, Accounts Payable; Right, Non-profit Program Director
Photographer: GB

Monday, 28 January 2013

Fur the Love of Squirrel

Our apologies for the less than exemplary photo quality, but we just had to get a picture of this hottie. We don't think he's the gun toting kind of guy, but he sure knows how to take a quintessential hunting outfit and turn it into an urban fashion statement. The khaki green North Face parka is a really nice touch and welcome change from the standard black North Face jacket. And the Taupe corduroys and brand new topsiders also show that this hottie is more interested in stalking someone on our downtown sidewalks than traipsing through the woods.

What really got our attention, though, was the squirrel fur Deerstalker hat. Functional, elegant, and genuine hunting attire adapted artfully for our vibrant city. It looked deliciously warm, too. And what a compliment with the tortoise shell sunglasses.

Location: Green Line at Park
Imagined Profession: Manager at Dick's Sporting Goods Store
Photographer: GB

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Bow Tie Day

We enjoy seeing men in bow ties on the T. Especially on Sundays when we wear a bow tie to church. Bow ties are a snazzy way to show some individuality (the types of bow ties one can wear are endless) and creativity that's not possible with a regular tie. And this hottie shows that a bow tie can do so much to make a typical Winter outfit shine.  We're especially impressed that his bow tie isn't mussed up by his coat (we usually have to have the friendly Bubble Lady outside Arlington Street Church let us know if we need adjustments to our tie). He deftly combines urban sensibility with urbane fashion through the use of a geometric patterned tie.

And this hottie is just so adorable! We hope we see more of him.

Location: Red Line at Park
Imagined Profession: Choreographer
Photographer: FTH

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Time Stood Still

Our world became a blur. The only thing in focus was this sumptuously elegant hottie in a dapper chapeau. The distressed jeans clung effortlessly to his flat stomach, giving a hint of hope at seeing what surely must be a six pack of abs unlike anything we've ever seen before. The black cardigan vest layered underneath a gray fleece jacket provided form, fashion and warmth. The stance... irresistible.

Location: Red Line at UMass/JFK
Imagined Profession: Social Media Manager
Photographer: FTH

Friday, 25 January 2013

Fabulous Friday - Bieber Boy

We captured this studious hottie with Bieber-esque hair on our way to work. Intently absorbing his lessons for the day, he's determined to be tops in his class. And what could be classier on an edifying mission that to have a reveal of one's rag wool sweater sleeves from underneath the sleeves of a charcoal single-breasted wool coat. The white iPhone ear buds provide just the right amount of pop and help accentuate his defined facial features and elegant scruff.

And this week begins the countdown to Hotties on the T's OneCennial (our first birthday)! One of the joys for us on Hotties on the T has been to experience the bustling variety of life on the T in all its dimensions. With our hundreds (365) of hotties, tens of thousands (79,549) of visitors, and countless stories of our HOTT Crew's adventures it's almost more than we can keep up with.

In a way, Hotties on the T is a community of communities. Our cluster of men (5 of us) on the HOTT Crew have featured men of different ages (all adults, of course!), different professions and a multitude of ethnicities and backgrounds. In a way it can be difficult to hold onto a sense of the whole, this multi-faceted diamond refracting our larger community's life together. But it's that combination of individual and collective story that we'll continue to tell in our 2nd year together with you.

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Location: Green Line at Haymarket
Imagined Profession: Grad Student
Photographer: FT

Thursday, 24 January 2013


It's 1F at HOTT Headquarters. That's -17C for our many readers outside the United States. It's cold no matter if you read the thermometer in Fahrenheit or Celsius. So cold that our hottie's pants turned blue! Brrrrr! At first glance we thought our hottie was a hipster health care worker in scrubs. But no! He's wearing jeans! Baby Blue Jeans! Or is that Baby Blue Blue Jeans? We found it a welcome distraction from the hordes of bundled people on our train.

Location: Green Line at Harvard
Imagined Profession: Whole Foods Stock Clerk
Photographer: GB

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

To Go, Please

We'd like to have this hottie to go! Such a handsome man, such sensual lips, such a clever haircut. With a cup of joe he can warm us up... and take us home!

And we've just learned the Green Line is down between Government Center and Kenmore Square. So we've got to find a new route to work. And hopefully new hotties to feature!

Location: Red Line at Central
Imagined Profession: HR Manager
Photographer: FT

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Double Tuesday - Fantasy Football

We're not really up to speed on this thing called football. With game times conflicting with Downton Abbey we wind up seeing only part of the games. We're more into Footmen than Football (as you can see here by clicking on this link to our previous post, Intensity).  But this thing called Fantasy Football seems more up our alley. So let the fantasy begin!

Our two hotties above could play the role of our straight buds. Being ardent fans of the sport they'd take us to football games at Gillette Stadium where they'd excitedly tell us about what's transpiring on the field as we scan the crowds for hotties (and surreptitiously scan our fantasy football buds, too!). And as we discover hottie football players our double buds could tell us all about the players' latest stats. We could go on and on with our fantasy of football!

Location: Green Line at Park
Imagined Professions: ESPN Interns
Photographer: FT

Monday, 21 January 2013


That's right. Starbuck. The young intellectual character from the novel Moby Dick. A man of fine tastes as one can see from 1) the bag from Starbucks and 2) by the leather satchel held under his arm. The pea coat conveniently adds to the nautical theme. Modernized for today by a stylish haircut and an iPhone. Well done, chief mate!

Location: Green Line at Longwood
Imagined Profession: Editor
Photographer: GB

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Take Me Away

"Take me away", his face seems to say. "Take me away from Winter. Take me away from the ice and snow. Take me away to someplace warm with someone warm. If only this train were a plane. Oh someone, please, take me away."

And in 2016 still in our Top 10 Hotties of all time. And a favorite of our HOTT Crew!

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Location: Green Line at Haymarket
Imagined Profession: Production Assistant
Photographer: FT

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Desperately Seeking Summer

It may be the depths of winter, and our hottie may be wearing a single-breasted black wool coat, but he's tossed his hat in the ring for the arrival of summer by wearing taupe moccs (moccasins) sans socks. We call him our Moccs without Socks guy. It's an uncommon, yet intriguing fashion statement to stand out from the winter crowd. And his subtlety about his fashion selection is to be commended. Kind of a less is more approach. And he's so cute and cuddly, too!

Location: Red Line at South Station
Imagined Profession: Business Analyst
Photographer: FTH

Friday, 18 January 2013

Fabulous Friday - Manly Man

We interrupt our winter program of pea coats and black North Face jackets to bring you... Manly Man! Just look at the deep olive green Timberland down jacket paired with a dark khaki baseball cap and how they're a perfect fit for our hottie's scruffilicious face (and the nice way the scruff blends into his buzzed haircut).  See the masculine stance as he confidently holds the upper hand rail with ease. Imagine the sand color work boots that are warming and protecting his large feet. This high-speed trolley is fun!

Location: Mattapan High-Speed Line at Cedar Grove
Imagined Profession: Superintendent - Mechanical/Electrical
Photographer: FTH

Thursday, 17 January 2013


Just when we thought we had said all that could be said about pea coats along came this stunningly trim and fashion forward gentleman in a pea coat with a twist! Our hottie chose a 3/4 length pea coat that shows off his extraordinarily well shaped and trim physique. A navy scarf with geometric white patterns wrapped securely around the neck adds an uplifting element to this hotties ensemble.

And is the gentleman sitting to the left of our hottie one of our featured gents from Double Tuesday - Groomed Goodness?

Location: #1 Bus in Cambridge
Imagined Profession: Advertising Design
Photographer: FT

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Carolina Blue

A steady snow sends down a blanket of white upon the city while inside our train our hottie du jour wears a Michelin Man Coat in a brilliant hue of blue to brighten our morning. And our hottie is a perfect example of how it's about the man, not the clothes. With a long and lean frame that matches his  long angular face, and eyebrows ideal for a model and thick auburn hair, his choice of attire serves to accentuate all the wonderful aspects of his physique and appearance.

And on a snowy day like today we all get to see how the men of Boston adapt to the weather compared to the women of Boston. Today you'll see men in what our HOTT Crew calls Michelin Man Coats and Pea Coats (the Pea Coat Ratio applies to Michelin Man Coats, by the way), the epitome of recent fashion, while the women you'll see are engulfed in what we call Bowling Ball Coats. What's a Bowling Ball Coat? It's a full length quilted down coat that, when not worn by a woman the size of one of the Olsen twins, gives the woman the appearance of walking down the street with a bowling ball between her knees. An example of a Bowling Ball Coat is below. And trust us, you'll see plenty of examples on the T today!

Location: Green Line at Copley
Imagined Profession: Politcal Aide
Photographer: GB

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Double Tuesday - Lost Their Pants

Photo by Brian Walters of Brian Walters Photography.

Our very own HOTT Crew member Nippy was busy taking tons of photographs on No Pants Day on the T last Sunday, but renowned photographer Brian Walters fortuitously got a stunning pic of Nippy himself completely pants-less on the T! Just look at how the undies lift and shape and hug and caress. Oh the places we could go!

And special thanks to Brian Walters for taking such an inspiring picture of our boy!  Brian Walters is a freelance photojournalist based out of Boston. He is a recent graduate of New England School of Photography and received portfolio honors. He is available for assignments throughout New England or anywhere there is a story to be told.

Location: Red Line at Charles/MGH
Imagined Professions: Hottie on the right, Med School Student; Hottie on the left, Executive Producer
Photographer: Brian Walters

Monday, 14 January 2013

We Stripped on the T!

Update! We've added BosGuy's video of No Pants Day! Scroll down to view the video!

Our HOTT Crew participated in No Pants Day on the T, and Nippy was our official photographer for the event! At the end of the post we list the underwear brand and style each of us wore. 

And meet our new super heroes and T heartthrobs Nick (left) and Taylor (right)! Nick and Taylor easily stood out amongst the hundreds of hotties on the No Pants Day on the T by wearing luminescent canary yellow underwear (perfect for when the lights go out on the T) that had amazing lift and support capabilities.
Here Taylor shows off his softer side. Well, perhaps softer isn't the appropriate word. We like this pic! And as the French might say, Quelles balcons!
And being the internationally renowned bloggers that we are, we really appreciate events where we get to mingle with other internationally renowned bloggers. On the far right is blogger extraordinaire BosGuy! BosGuy's partner Sergio is on the far left. Are they a cute and adorable couple or what?!?!
BosGuy (right) and his partner Sergio (left) give a whole new appreciation for Bert and Ernie. And as we have some engineering background on our HOTT Crew we really appreciate the cantilever effect going on here. Good job, guys!
After riding on the T in our underwear for several hours we all went to King's in the Back Bay for some pants-less celebration! The hottie in the orange undies on the right reminds us of a certain Olympic Bronze Medalist in rowing from the United States (click here to see our post with award winning pic). Photo by

We had a great time at No Pants Day on the T! We'll make sure we do this again, but this time we want all of our readers to join us! And thanks again to Nippy for being our official photographer!

Our HOTT Crew's underwear selections (the underwear names are clickable links ;-) ) for the No Pants Day on the T were:

GB - 2(x)ist Tux Trunk (Black)

#NPSR Boston

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Who Do You Think You Are?

Our hottie seems to be giving the "Who do you think you are?" look. Perhaps he's practicing giving it to the hordes of people who will be wearing only their underwear on the T today (It's No Pants Day) on the T this afternoon! Regardless of the suspicious look on our hottie we do like his put together winter wardrobe. And he works out, too!

Location: Red Line at Park Street
Imagined Profession: Director of Fiscal Services for Non Profit
Photographer: FTH

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Audiophile vs Bibliophile

We love it when our hotties have multi faceted personalities. Here our gent adores listening to his iPhone, yet also is deeply interested in his book. And what's really hot is that the book wins! And notice the gorgeous scarf and bookish glasses. This hottie has the sensual academic look down pat!

And our HOTT Crew will be on the No Pants Subway Ride tomorrow! FTH will be taking pics of the event so we can share them with you. Please join us! Details about the No Pants Subway Ride can be found by clicking on this link: No Pants Subway Ride Boston - January 13, 2013

Location: Red Line at MGH
Imagined Profession: Library Sciences Manager
Photographer: FT

Friday, 11 January 2013

Fabulous Friday - Orange Glow

We were amazed not only at the hottie in front of us, but the orange glow emanating through our Orange Line car. It gave a surreal, almost sepia, look to our hottie. Due to the unseasonably warm weather our man is wearing a black t-shirt with a black fleece jacket. And his crisp, immaculately trimmed haircut is really nice. Plus, look at the way he reads his Wall Street Journal... such though, such flair!

Location: Orange Line at Ruggles
Imagined Profession: Executive Director for Non Profit
Photographer: FT

Thursday, 10 January 2013


Such a debonair hottie on today's commute! We love the swirl of the gray scarf as it fits loosely around his neck and compliments the stunning blue dress shirt. He's absolutely dreamy!

Location: Red Line at Central
Imagined Profession: Director of Marketing
Photographer: FT

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Bag of Many Colors

When you see a sea of hot men wearing black wool coats and blue jeans which one do you pick to feature on your blog? Why, the one with the multicolored bag, of course! Just look at the rich textures and multitude of colors on this hotties bag. And not just a wealth of colors, a wealth of colors in diagonal stripes. It's as if this hottie is subtly proclaiming to the world that he knows he stands out from the crowd. He certainly stands out to us! And the way his iPhone illuminates his face is almost heavenly and ads extra softness to the cashmere scarf wrapped close around his neck. We'd like to make him one of our signature cocktails, a Vesper!

And to see how the colors have gone dark this winter click on this link to a post of ours from last May, Seeing Red.

Location: Orange Line at Back Bay
Imagined Profession: Transcription Services
Photographer: FT

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Double Tuesday - It's About the Accessories

This is the 4th consecutive day of the "Boston Mens' Winter Uniform". Black coat/jacket and blue jeans. But our hotties today show us how to individualize such a common outfit... with accessories! 

Hottie on the left sports a trim black pea coat gorgeously accented with an oversized ribbed scarf and a matching gray ski cap that's pulled down over his ears to provide warmth on a cold morning. His dark, mysterious eyes are offset by equally luscious dark eyebrows, moustache and goatee. Hottie on the right takes a slightly different approach with a single-breasted black wool coat accessorized with an eye-catching black and white plaid scarf cleverly worked into his neckline yet also wound stylishly around the underside his coat collar. His gray ski cap, seemingly identical to the one worn by his hottie companion, is worn with a pulled-back flair exposing coiffed bangs and half of his ear (nice ear lobes!).

And our entire HOTT Crew has been closely studying the differences in their jeans.

Location: Red Line at South Station
Imagined Professions: Hottie on the Left, Materials Management; Hottie on the Right, Retail
Photographer: FTH

Monday, 7 January 2013

Phone Obsession

What an adorable hottie we discovered! And he was absolutely entranced with his iPhone. Playing with apps, listening to music, all well wearing Boston's de rigeur winter apparel... blue jeans and a spanking brand new black North Face jacket. Although we appreciate colors other than black for jackets we still find this hottie's choice extremely attractive. And the glasses add a studious demeanor to his very handsome youthful appearance.

Location: Green Line at Hynes
Imagined Profession: Administrative Services
Photographer: FT

Sunday, 6 January 2013


Oh that look! It's as if our hottie is having an Epiphany. But an Epiphany of what? The look he's aiming at us is illuminated by his dark and mysterious eyes. The eyebrows arched ever so slightly show he's engaging us in his discovery. And the fair complexion, dark hair, and trim fitting fashion-forward black jacket are a perfect compliment to the entire scene. And what are the work boots about? Is he a white collar professional who has to visit blue collar landscapes?

Location: Green Line at Boylston
Imagined Profession: New Office Building Project Manager
Photographer: FT

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Twilight on the Train

Queue lighting to bar level. Bring hottie right in front of us. Yet this isn't your typical club car on a train. This is a special kind of train bar for a special kind of hottie. This hottie likes the dark and edgy look. Black jeans. Black leather-esque quilted coat. Black scarf. Black hair and black scruff. It's like being in a bar for characters from Twilight!

Location: Red Line at South Station
Imagined Profession: Actor
Photographer: FTH

Friday, 4 January 2013

Fabulous Friday - Down and Comfortable

Serendipity led us to this down jacket-clad hottie on our coldest day of the season. Handsome chiseled features and that sexy 'tween state where he has more than five-o'clock-shadow but less than scruff is utterly intoxicating. And don't you just want to unzip his jacket, slide your arms around his warm torso and just hang on for the ride?!?!

Location: Red Line at Broadway
Imagined Profession: Advertising Design
Photographer: FTH

Thursday, 3 January 2013

What Keeps You Warm?

He so cool he's hot. Just what we need on a bitterly frozen morning to thaw our bones. From the provocative perch of the sunglasses on the top of his head to the stylish quilted jacket that warms his frame. Even the way his hands cradle his day pack let us know that he's an expert at cradling other things, too.

Location: Green Line at Copley
Imagined Profession: Sales
Photographer: FT

And, yes, it's terribly cold. It's 4F (-16C!) at HOTT Headquarters And admit it. You wore long underwear and a heavy sweatshirt and spooned with a Golden Retriever while sleeping underneath flannel sheets and a down comforter. So what else would keep you warm? Handsome hunky men flaunting their stuff in sexy underwear? If so, then here's a video for you! And speaking of underwear we're looking forward to strutting our stuff on "No Pants Day" on the T on January 13!

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Texting Whom?

Whom is this hottie texting? And what do his facial expressions indicate about the tone of the texts. Whatever is transpiring we adore the look. And the simplicity of his winter attire is quite compelling.

Location: Green Line at Kenmore
Imagined Profession: Technology Intern
Photographer: GB

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Double Tuesday - Happy Marriage Equality!

Maryland's First Married Couple - Dale and Jeff

Maine's First Married Couple - Steven and Michael

Washington's First Married Couple - Randell and Larry

On this first day of 2013 we take a break from our usual posting of pics of hot men on the T and instead feature hot men who were the first gay couples to get married in Maine, Maryland and Washington. January 1st is more than the beginning of a new year, it's when new laws ushering in greater equality take effect.

So on this first day of the year our HOTT Crew salutes Maryland's First Couple Dale and Jeff, Maine's First Couple Steven and Michael, and Washington's First Couple Randell and Larry. May 2013 bring you many years of happiness and equality before the law!