Friday, 31 August 2012

Golden Jubilee Boy!

Hotties on the T is the original blog featuring hotties on the MBTA and today we're celebrating our 50,000+ visitors!

Today's hottie we call "Golden Jubilee Boy" in honor of reaching this milestone. His big wide smile is perfect for our celebratory day, and he's quite the fit lad, too! Look at those muscled forearms, chiseled good looks, and Ray Bans that give him a slight air of mystery.

Location: Green Line at Arlington
Imagined Profession: Business Development / Sales
Photographer: FT

And just a few stats about our blog as we hit the 50,000 visitor mark.

Our Top 10 Hotties (click on title to see post) are:

1).   BC Boy
2).   Double Tuesday
3).   Tall Boy
4).   Red Sox!
5).   Morning Light
6).   Stylish Business Man
7).   Intensity
8).   Lean and Luscious
9).   Dressed to a T
10). Pea Coat Perfection

We've had visitors to our blog from almost every country in the world, and sometimes we receive visitors from every inhabited continent in just one 24-hour period. The percentage of visitors from outside the United States is constantly growing, too (in the past month 24.9% of our visitors were from outside the US compared to 10.3% for the past 7 months). The Top 10 Countries from which we've received visitors (Since January 31, 2012) are:

1).   United States - 89.7%
2).   United Kingdom - 1.5%
3).   Russia - 1.2%
4).   Germany - 0.9%
5).   Canada - 0.8%
6).   Australia - 0.5%
7).   France - 0.5%
8).   Spain - 0.3%
9).   Italy - 0.3%
10). Ireland - 0.2%

Thursday, 30 August 2012

The British Are Coming!

Update at 9:50 pm August 30th: We've now had 50,000 visitors to our blog... the Golden Jubilee begins!

You gotta love the Brits. They're always a standout with their sandals + socks. And although it's not an American standard to wear socks with sandals we thought we'd feature this guy in the spirit of diversity. Especially attractive on this hottie are the shapely and hirsute calves with a hint of muscle in the thighs. Perhaps our hottie plays rugby!

Location: Green Line at Hynes
Imagined Profession: British Expat
Photographer: GB

Wednesday, 29 August 2012


We get really excited when the lighting adds enhancements to our pics. Our hottie today was conveniently seated on the sunny side of the train with his back to the window, illuminating his luscious black hair. And the brilliantly white T-shirt is the perfect attire for this gent.

Location: Green Line at Chestnut Hill
Imagined Profession: Retail Sales
Photographer: GB

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Double Tuesday - So Much Double!

Our apologies for a late posting today... we forgot to hit the "Publish" button! 

Above is a charming variation on our Double Tuesday theme. For starters we technically have two hotties on one pic. But we also have one of those hotties reflected in the window, giving a different perspective to our double theme. We especially enjoy the insouciant look on the face of the main hottie in this pic and his T-shirt really cracked us up ("Where the ______ is the Finish Line"). Very appropriate for us as we are getting closer to our 1-day 125 mile bike ride.

Location: #1 Bus in Cambridge
Imagined Profession: Artist
Photographer: FT

And we have a bonus double pic below!
A follower of our blog (we haven't yet decided on a nickname for him) sent us this delightful pic of two very happy hotties. We rather enjoy hottie on the left's workboots paired with what appears to be a European Men's Carry All. And hottie on the right seems to be emulating hottie on the left's pose. Notice how his left arm is in the same position and same angle as his double. And both have a certain glow on their faces. Wonder what made them so happy? Hmmmmm!

Location: Orange Line
Profession: We have an idea but we're just not going there today!
Photographer: Un-nicknamed Blog Follower

Monday, 27 August 2012

Happy Shopping

What a delightful hottie! Tall, trim and handsome. This gent has done some serious shopping at CVS, and he seems quite pleased with it.

The vivid pale blue dress shirt is quite attractive, and fits his trim torso and flat stomach so well. We appreciate hotties who show off their attributes!

Location: Green Line/Orange Line at North Station
Imagined Profession: Healthcare Finance
Photographer: GB

Sunday, 26 August 2012


One way to get a pic of a hottie is to corner him! Actually we've noticed that when a Green Line train ends at Government Center riders in the know gather at the rear stairwell to beat the rush disembarking from the train.

Here we have a well-read hottie dressed for the workday. Especially enticing is the way his haircut blends so well into a hint of scruff. The open collar dress shirt with jougged sleeves gives a hardworking business style while at the same time being quite trendy. We like men who can pull off multiple styles with one outfit!

Location: Green Line between Park and Government Center
Imagined Profession: Business Analyst
Photographer: GB 

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Scruff and Fur

On a recent rainy day we found the perfect pick-me-up to chase away those rainy day blues... Scruff and Fur! And what makes this hottie even more delectable is the two-way illumination. The bright glow of an overhead lamp illuminating him from above and the soft glow of the light from his iPad adding a warm highlight to his face. He looks so yummy and cuddly we just wanted to take him home!

Location: Red Line at Charles/MGH
Imagined Profession: Software Development
Photographer: FT

Friday, 24 August 2012

Fabulous Friday - Bikes on the T

We love bikes! We love Spandex! Usually it's a weekend when we capture a cycling hottie on the T, but here we got a cyclist mid-day on a weekday. This hottie is wearing delightfully form fitting Pearl Izumi cycling shorts that accentuate his every curve, and the white and orange cycling jersey's fit lets us know he bikes regularly. Cyclists add such flair and style to a commute on the T. And note that although bikes are banned on the T during rush hour this hottie's full size bike takes up far less space than one of those SUV strollers. Just saying...

Location: Red Line at Central Square
Imagined Profession: Sporting Goods Sales
Photographer: FT

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Belgian Boy

Things have been very busy at HOTT Headquarters in Boston. 

First, for those of you interested in actually dating a hottie how about dating for a cause? Follow this link to bid on a date from a wide selection of cycling hotties. The proceeds benefit the event hosting the one-day 125 mile bike ride we're all doing in several weeks.

Also, FTH has been inspired by Prince Harry and will be soon be posting some "Harry-esque" photos on our Twitter account. Visit us at Twitter at:

We've mentioned before that the horizontal striped shirts are a specialty of Europeans. And here we see how well a Belgian hottie can show himself off with the horizontal stripes. Takes a trim physique to carry off these stripes, something many American men simply aren't able to do.

Watching this hottie from Belgium had us hankering to get to know this hottie over some moules frites and a cool lambic.

Location: Green Line at Park Street
Imagined Profession: Administrative Staff and Exchange Student Non Profit
Photographer: FTH

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Black and White

And a little bit of blue on the shoes for a splash of color. This is the last of the hotties we encountered on our way home from FTH's Birthday Party. Nice and trim, bedecked in black and white, this hottie is appropriately dressed for an evening on Boston Harbor.

Location: Silver Line at World Trade Center
Imagined Profession: Graphic Designer
Photographer: GB

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Double Tuesday - Twink Fest

How delightful to encounter two young hotties at one time on the T. Hottie on the left seems to be returning from a trip and has a well-fitted plaid short sleeved shirt that shows off his upper torso and biceps. Hottie on the right has a very summery pastel pink T-shirt and a very fresh look while absorbed with his iPhone.

Happy Double Tuesday!

Location: Green Line at St Pauls
Imagined Professions: Left, sales staff at Hollister; Right, sales staff at Abercrombie & Fitch
Photographer: GB

Monday, 20 August 2012

Post Modern Man

We like literary hotties. There are quite a few of them on the T. But when they use an iPad or a Kindle it's difficult (but not impossible) to discern what they are reading. Here our hottie makes things easy for us by reading a paperback version of the postmodern classic The Crying of Lot 49. And what makes this hottie even hotter is that he's a sports fan (note the Celtic Playoffs T-shirt) and has very shapely calves! Also of note is the well groomed facial scruff and voluptuous toes. Yes, his toes are voluptuous! Simply delicious!

We hope you had a great weekend. We were cycling all over Metro Boston in preparation for our one-day 125-mile Harbor to the Bay fundraising ride. Perhaps you saw us at Castle Island yesterday watching the USS Constitution in full sail?

Location: Green Line at St Mary's
Imagined Profession: English Lit Teacher
Photographer: GB

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Secret Agent Man

We like men of mystery. We like the way they look under cover. This hottie is doing his best not to be noticed. To appear as if he's just another traveler on the MBTA. The khaki pants and pastel pull over polo shirt blend in with the usual crowd. The sunglasses just the right tint and shape so that he can scan the crowd without anyone knowing. We wonder if he's looking at us? Is he checking us out? Are we a target? We'll be keeping our eye out for him again!

And a bonus video is below to go along with today's hottie's theme.

Location: Red Line at South Station
Imagined Profession: Private Investigator
Photographer: FTH

Saturday, 18 August 2012


Our hottie for today almost appears as if he's in an advertisement. We're not quite sure what the advertisement would be for but we're captivated by his upright posture (caused by the daypack on his back). The upright posture, combined with the fresh, youthful (but not under 21!) appearance and demeanor really cause us to pause and examine the picture. And what's with the huge duffel bag at his feet? Is he traveling somewhere by plane or train? Is he into sports and packing his sport equipment? We simply don't know. We'll just have to keep watching and imagining.

Location: Red Line approaching Charles/MGH
Imagined Profession: Grad Student/Barista
Photographer: FT

Friday, 17 August 2012

Fabulous Friday - Bonus Day

We adore riding home on the T and seeing hot men who still have almost wrinkle-free dress shirts. This particular hottie's shirt exquisitely shows off his well developed torso and trim waist. Everything about him is expertly arranged. 

Location: Green Line at Kenmore
Imagined Profession: Business Intelligence Consultant
Photographer: GB
And since it's Fabulous Friday we thought we'd share a couple of pics sent to us by some very loyal blog visitors.

The first pic is an example of an angle we haven't tried yet... and we like it! We imagine this hottie is doing some construction work as he's wearing work boots with dark socks, loose fitting dark short shorts, and a flattering gray T-shirt. The calves, thighs, rear end, and shoulder blades are most enticing!

Thanks to "Undercover RM" for taking this pic! We think this is probably an Orange Line station.

And we always admire men who can be fashionably dressed AND show technological prowess while on the T. This hottie displays both, and has a special place in our hearts because he's using a MacBook Pro. Mac users are ALWAYS hotter than PC users. Same goes for iOS vs. Android! We think this was taken on a Red Line train.

The photographer of this pic is a regular blog visitor, but we haven't given him a name yet. Maybe we'll call him "Mac Guy"!

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Wide Eyed And...

Wow. We're having a very busy day today. GB was presenting at Grand Rounds this morning. FTH is at Carnival in Provincetown, FT is on a sailing excursion (and texting us wondering where he can dock for lunch), and Nippy and RM are stuck underground on the T. So apologies for this late morning post!

We find it rather fun when we spot a hottie who is wide-eyed and legs spread wide. This particular hottie is definitely enjoying the summer weather. We like the loose fit of the shorts around the thighs!

Location: Red Line at Savin Hill
Imagined Profession: Camp Counselor
Photographer: RM

Below is evidence that GB got some a*$ on the T on the way home from work yesterday ;-)

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Big Glasses

Sometimes when we take a pic we get a pleasant surprise afterwards when we realize that an eye-popping fashion element winds up matching the scene outside the train. Here our hottie is outfitted with brilliant blue running shoes, and the shoes go so well with the color of the scene outside (or is the pairing because GB is color blind? Hmmmm). Whatever. Looks nice! The oversized sunglasses provide a nice compliment to the not-oversized black T-shirt and shorts. And iPhone ear buds always make ones fashion elements pop!

Location: Green Line at Chestnut Hill
Imagined Profession: Fitness Center Reception
Photographer: GB

And although the Olympics have been over for several days our traffic is still running high due to people searching for their favorite Olympians. Our Top 10 Google searches for the past 24 hours gives one an idea of the interests of our blog visitors!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Double Tuesday - Team USA

Update on January 8, 2013 at 7:27pm: Our hottie double have been discovered by their friends! And we see we had the occupation wrong for at least one of them. Hottie on the right is actually a renowned hair stylist. They're so cute! Don't forget to follow us on Twitter - @HottiesOnTheT
The spectacular London Olympics have ended, which means the Olympians are returning home after their glorious victories! FT captured these two Olympians at a Red Line station waiting for a train. Hottie on the left is proudly wearing a tank T-shirt based on the American flag which proudly shows off his medal-winning chest hair. Hottie on the right is also wearing a tank T-shirt, but one with an impressionistic rendition of the newsprint outfits worn by performers in the closing ceremony. Hottie on the left goes for the furry and bountiful hair look while hottie on the right aims for the smooth and sharply shaved hair style. Sunglasses are conveniently used to avoid being recognized by adoring fans of Mens Pairs Synchronized Swimming.

Location: Red Line
Imagined Profession: Antique Shop Owners / Olympians
Photographer: FT

Monday, 13 August 2012

It's Monday

It's Monday. Time to get dressed up and go back to work. And this hottie is dressed in his workday finest and contemplating the day ahead. We're particularly taken with the understated use of the color gray. Note how the gray tie (which is the perfect length) pairs well with his gray suit, and is accentuated  with a subtle, yet well matched, gray striped dress shirt. And the long flowing blonde hair really sets this gent out from the crowd.

Yes, we're having Olympic withdrawals. We'll miss our Olympic hotties (although we'll have their pics on our blog for future reference). But we have our own blog's Golden Jubilee plans to work on!

Location: Green Line at Arlington
Imagined Profession: Finance
Photographer: FT

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Individual Synchronized Swimming

This effusively happy hottie was at the World Trade Center station as we were departing from FTH's birthday cruise. It was a warm and humid evening and this handsome gent was stylishly dressed in a tank T-shirt with trendy (and appropriate) very narrow horizontal stripes that are quite flattering to his physique. We also like the well-trimeed facial hair that matches the close cut of his haircut. In imagining an Olympic sport for this hottie we couldn't help but think that the famous line from Glee about "Individual Synchronized Swimming" would fit this personable and outgoing man. We need to ride the Silver Line more often.

Location: Silver Line at World Trade Center
Imagined Olympic Sport: Individual Synchronized Swimming
Photographer: FTH
We're going to miss the Olympics! We're especially going to miss the Olympic hotties! And from doing a Wordle (at bottom of this post) of our recent posts it becomes apparent that we've focused heavily on the handsome medaling hotties of the 2012 Olympic Games.

Kudos to St. Paul's Cathedral in London for pealing it's fantastic bells every time an Olympic event (i.e., Road Cycling, Marathon, etc.) went past. Not many churches would think to do that... so hats off to St. Paul's!

10 Meter Platform Diving Gold Medalist David Boudia shows of his gold medal and his handsomely chiseled facial features.

Yet more of adorable British diver Tom Daley who showed the Olympic spirit by being jubilant about winning the Bronze Medal in the 10 Meter Platform Diving. Good show of Olympic Spirit, Tom!

Gold (David Boudia, happy hunk in middle), Bronze (Tom Daley, happy hottie on right), and Silver (Bo Quiu, sullen guy on left) on the medal platform. 

Farewell London Olympics, we'll miss including you in our blog!

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Cops and Robbers

Update: Our eighth most popular hottie on our blog!
While the cops and robbers were on the train in front of them FT and GB copped a pic of this hottie while stranded between Charles/MGH and Kendall. The oversize sunglasses go really well with the haircut and accentuate his full well-formed lips. And the dark blue T-shirt was just enough to make him look as if he might be an undercover cop. Sometimes being stranded on a train can be enjoyable!

Location: Red Line stranded between Charles/MGH and Kendall
Imagined Olympic Sport: Platform Diving
Photographer: FT
Speaking of platform diving, we've become addicted to watching platform diving on the Olympics. Especially cute is the adorable British diver Tom Daley. Here's a sequence of one his dives. Enjoy!

Tom Daley looking focused on top of the 10M Platform.

Tom preparing to leap off of the diving board.

Tom showing some, ummm, butt crack under water after his dive :-p

Stretch it out, Tom!

Shower time with Tom Daley after the dive.

Friday, 10 August 2012

Fabulous Friday - Packing It In

We really enjoyed this hottie because he's packing it in into one delightful package. We like the muscular/beefy look, especially when it's highlighted by Carolina Blue pullover polo shirt and dress slacks (perfect for Casual Friday!).

Location: Green Line at Boylston
Imagined Olympic Sport: Handball
Photographer: GB
Since we began featuring Olympic hotties as bonus pics we've noticed a curious phenomenon develop. 72% of our traffic from Google searches is directly related to searches for pics of Olympic Equestrian medalists Carl Hester, Edward Gal and their boyfriends. So, since it's Fabulous Friday, we bring you more of Ed Gal and Carl Hester... and their boyfriends, too!

Edward Gal at the Medal Award Ceremony

Edward Gal showing off his fancy outfit and flat stomach.

Carl Hester completing his Gold Medal event.

Carl Hester's equestrian ex-boyfriend Spencer Wilton (Hey... he helped Carl get to where he is today!).

Edward Gal (right) and his equestrian boyfriend Hans Peter Minderhoud (left). Pardon the kids... it was the best pic of the boyfriend we could find.

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Mix It Up

We like this hottie because he mixes up the conventional clothing patterns. Frequently we see men wearing shorts with the pattern of his shirt paired with shirts in the pattern of his shorts.  But this hottie reverses the fashion trend and sets his own style. We also enjoy the hairy legs, the very trim build, and his defined facial features. 

Location: Green Line at Washington Square
Imagined Olympic Sport: Pole Vaulting
Photographer: GB
And now for our Olympic bonus pics. We've become addicted to the public displays of bromance (PDB) that we're seeing at the London Olympics! Here we have some medal winning shots of Team Great Britain and Team USA. 

Team GB crosses the finish line first and collapse into each others arms.

Team GB in a group hug. We think we'd have our arms a bit lower if we were there ;-)

Team GB shows their stuff as they prepare to receive the Gold Medal in Mens 4 Rowing.

Team USA shows that receiving a Bronze Medal can turn out to be a Gold Medal performance!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Olympic Dream

We certainly had a wake-me-up on the ride to work yesterday with this hottie aboard our bus. So much of a wake-me-up that we didn't need our usual large hot black from Dunkin Donuts! We really like the way his canary yellow "Dream" T-shirt pairs with his lush golden hair. And his smile is absolutely adorable! Was he happy to see us?

Location: #1 Bus in Cambridge
Imagined Olympic Sport: Beach Volleyball
Photographer: FT
We've discovered that rowing and dressage our quite compelling Olympic sports. FTH has a fabulous picture of a bronze medalist American rower on our Twitter feed (@hottiesonthet). And below are some favorite screen captures we got while watching the Team Dressage finals yesterday. Yes, we know Ann Romney has a horse in this event. We totally skipped over the parts featuring her horse so we could focus on these openly gay Olympic hotties.

Britain's Gold Medalist in Team Dressage Carl Hester (his ex boyfriend Spencer Wilton is hot, too!)

The Netherlands' Bronze Medalist Edward Gal. His boyfriend Hans Peter Minderhoud is also hot!

Carl Hester giving Edward Gal a victory head fondle. What will Edward's boyfriend say?