Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Clinton Kelly Covfefe

A strikingly handsome hottie with a remarkable resemblance to fashion maestro Clinton Kelly and with an equally remarkable covfefe. For more covfefe details scroll down!
Wow! Great covfefe shot! We also admired how well this gentleman's cashmere sweater fit. The way the sweater hugs every curve on his torso, like a finely tuned BMW made with German precision, simply had us in awe.

Location: Red Line at Harvard
Imagined Profession: Fashion Designer
Photographer: GB

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Seeing You Seeing Me

Cool and sophisticated elegance. Casual. Assured. Our man is relishing the spotlight that the absence of college students gives to men of refinement and grace. Now that the students are gone have you noticed how suddenly the men on the T seem to have notched up their style? We love it!

Location: Green Line at Park
Imagined Profession: Financial Accountant
Photographer: FT

Monday, 29 May 2017

Semper Fi

All hail the red, white & blue! Not one, but two incredibly handsome Marines in full dress uniform. Be still our hearts! Chiseled good looks. Closely cropped hair styles. Brilliant and dazzling royal blue slacks and navy blue jackets. And medals! Our hotties are wearing medals! What a wonderful encounter on a Monday morning!

God Bless America!

Location: Green Line at Haymarket
Imagined Profession: Marines
Photographer: GB

Sunday, 28 May 2017

Shades of Green

The weekend has come, the weather has been mixed, and our hottie shows how to be ready for any eventuality during this uncertain meteorological time. And shades of green and blue, combined with his auburn hair certainly is a becoming combination for our gentleman traveler!

Location: Red Line at Central
Imagined Profession: Supply Chain Logistics Manager
Photographer: GB

Saturday, 27 May 2017


A fit and sporty fellow braves the blowing misty rain as he awaits his train at a street level stop. Not only is he in outstanding shape he doesn't have a wrinkle on his clothes! Impressive!

Location: Green Line at Northeastern
Imagined Profession: Grad Student
Photographer: FT

Friday, 26 May 2017


Not one but two handsome fellows on our commute! A view made possible by being on one of the Red Line's Go Big cars. Oh wait... BREAKING NEWS!
There's more than one pair of hotties going on right now. Justin Trudeau and Emmanuel Macron are TOGETHER (finally!) in Tuscany. What a stunning couple!

And Macron gives Trudeau a gentle yet masculine embrace. A touch communicating fondness and, could it be possible, attraction?

Location: Red Line at Charles/MGH
Imagined Professions: Left, Medical Research; Right, Hospital Resident Physician
Photographer: GB

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Stand Tall, Stand Proud

Stand tall, stand proud!
Voices that care are crying out load.
And when you close your eyes tonight
Feel in your heart how our love burns bright.

Sometimes a tall handsome man inspires us to become poetic! We think he must be a long-distance runner due to his trim and fit frame.

Location: Red Line at Charles/MGH
Imagined Profession: Director of Supply Chain Logistics
Photographer: GB

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Beauty and the Beef

Beefcake, that is. 100% American handsomeness. An All-American beauty of a guy. A delight to behold. Who wouldn't want to have well-toned muscles such as his?!?!

Location: Red Line at Central
Imagined Profession: Paralegal
Photographer: GB

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Flower Boy

Brilliant rays of gold bursting forth from an array of sunflowers highlight the brilliant hotness of our gentleman traveler. And special guy that he is, he's got a bag full of cupcakes! Notice how the steely-blue tie and the bright golden yellow sunflowers play off each other and give each other an added oomph of goodness. This hottie knows how to dress!

Location: Green Line at Haymarket
Imagined Profession: Business Development Manager
Photographer: FT

Monday, 22 May 2017


It's a double header of a day as we scored 2 handsome fellows, one of whom wearing an ideal summer version of business casual. Lost in thought with reading with embedded ear buds our handsome pair of bookends add elegance and grace to our commute.

Location: Red Line at Kendall/MIT
Imagined Professions: Left, Marketing Analyst; Right, Business Development Consultant
Photographer: GB

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Boston Style

Bostonians are famous for their quirky provincial sensibility. And we love how Boston men adhere to that with their fashion sense by not being confined to New York or London conventions regarding what to wear. Here our very handsome businessman, like most Boston businessmen flouts that New York and London shoe rule of "Never brown in town" (which means never wear brown shoes with a suit in a city). We say good for the men of Boston! Let freedom ring!

Location: Orange Line at Back Bay
Imagined Profession: Finance Manager
Photographer: FT

Saturday, 20 May 2017

We're Having a Heatwave

A steamy and sizzling heatwave descended up Boston the past few days, and imagine how thrilled we were to discover this steamy and sizzling hottie on our train! Look at those sculpted calves, the muscled thighs aching to burst out of our man's training shorts. Even his biceps are impressive, as are his handsome good looks. What a prize of a hottie!

Location: Red Line at Central
Imagined Profession: Athletic Apparel Sales Manager
Photographer: GB

Friday, 19 May 2017

GIPHY Friday

Cool and laid back on a hot morning our hottie is a display of handsomeness in motion. A breath of fresh air on a sultry commute. Sultry good looks on a fresh new day!

Location: Red Line at Harvard
Imagined Profession: Technology Consultant
Photographer: GB

Thursday, 18 May 2017

The Eyes Have It

Our hottie gently rubs his eyes as he attempt to relieve the heavy pollen that has descended on our city. Pollen so thick one has the urge to swim underwater in a pool with eyes open in order to completely wash away the pesky grains from our system.

We must say, though that our hottie has a most adorable look with his charming beard and stylish eyewear!

Location: Red Line at Central
Imagined Profession: Graphic Designer
Photographer: FT

Tuesday, 16 May 2017


Diptych: a work made up of two matching parts. Before boarding the train and after boarding the train. Photo from behind and photo from the front. Works of art. Works of art that form a series of two separate parts blended together to form one lasting impression. 
Our HOTT Crew feels this is one of the ways we give back to our community: by highlighting these moving works of art hurtling to and fro beneath our fair city.

Location: Red Line at Harvard
Imagined Profession: Banking Manager
Photographer: FTH

Monday, 15 May 2017

Muscle Monday

Beautiful biceps bewitched the passengers on our train as we gazed upon this gentleman's well-toned torso. And a well-fitted black T-shirt is always a good choice to accentuate one's athletic achievements!

Location: Red Line at Central
Imagined Profession: Software Developer
Photographer: GB

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Rainy Days and Sundays

On a washout of a Sunday we've got a sparklingly handsome hottie for you! Notice how his eyebrows are model quality (lush, straight, and groomed). Layers of shirt and jackets keep him warm and dry whether he's inside or not. And quite the attractive leather sling-satchel, too!

Stay dry and warm today!

Location: Red Line at Charles/MGH
Imagined Profession: Architectural Design Manager
Photographer: GB

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Him's A Runner!

Him's a runner, and of marathons! We thinks the Boston Marathon runners is extraordinarily handsome and fit. And the blue and gold colors make it look foot-lose and fancy free.

Oh... did we mention our HOTT Crew has been forced (Forced, we tell you!) by our HOTT Crew friend Dodie to attend remedial grammar classes? Dodie claims that on occasion we have displayed a haphazard approach to pronouns. Dodie claims she's received inquiries from Buckingham Palace regarding when the Colonies will accept Modern English's standardized pronoun guidelines.   

Being an internationally renowned blog has its challenges. 

Location: Red Line at Central
Imagined Profession: Linguist
Photographer: GB

Friday, 12 May 2017

A Business Affair

Elegant and handsome is the hottie we discovered. Men in collar pins and cufflinks are hot, especially with well-groomed facial hair! And that gaze he's casting our way... simply marvelous!

Location: Red Line at Charles/MGH
Imagined Profession: Finance Director
Photographer: FT

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Ray of Sunshine

A tall handsome lad basking in a ray of sunshine that's streaming into the train. A glorious way to celebrate a brief moment of the warming sun. Impressive!

Location: Green Line at Northeastern
Imagined Profession: Art Instructor
Photographer: FT

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Beefy Beauty

Once upon a time there was a handsome bear of a fellow on the T. Wearing classic styles in modern comfort he protected himself from the chill Spring morn' with his Vans "Off the Wall" jacket. Stylish Ray Bans complimented his Vans jacket and footwear whilst his iPhone ear buds cord served as an Aiguillette-type accessory that accented his tan and blue color selection.

He's off the wall!

Location: Red Line at Harvard
Imagined Profession: Director of Community Youth Engagement Programs
Photographer: GB

Tuesday, 9 May 2017


This handsome chisel-faced hottie inspired us to create a new word... Chiseliscious! How else would you describe his stunning visage and deft use of Ray Ban eyewear?

Meanwhile on the opposite side of this chiseliscious hottie was an MBTA Red Line route map (pictured below). Notice how... seems not only to be made by hand, but from scratch paper by school children! We think it's wonderful that Boston's elementary school kids are being put to work by the T (think of the guaranteed pension they'll have 60 years from now!), but perhaps they can be coaxed to up their game just a bit.

Location: Red Line at Central
Imagined Profession: Managing Director of Non Profit
Photographer: GB

Monday, 8 May 2017

Stand Alone Fellow

He stands out from the crowd. His impeccable grooming and fine selection of attire for his lithe and lean torso send an element of reassurance and gladness to all walking past him, as well as to those who cleverly arrange to board the same car as him. As we did below.
Whether he's on the platform or onboard the train there's no question that he's a hottie!

Location: Red Line at Harvard
Imagined Profession: Marketing Manager
Photographer: GB

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Wet 'n Wild

A wet 'n wild beginning of the weekend brought out every handsome fellow's protective rain gear. And what a handsome lad he is, too! He brought a smile to our our faces after being soaked outside in the rain.

Location: Red Line at Park
Imagined Profession: Business Analyst
Photographer: GB

Saturday, 6 May 2017

French Selection

In honor of tomorrow's French Presidential Election we bring you the hottie above whom we featured last year whilst we were in Paris on our annual group vacation. Riding the M├ętro offers a plethora of fine looking men, and this fit and muscular man shines bright amongst them all!

And as we have such a passion for France we share our endorsement for President of the French Republic.

Emmanuel Macron!
How do we describe this hunky and adorable young man?

God-like Giant.

Virile Warrior.

Fertile Father of the Nation.

How could you not vote for him?!?!

Friday, 5 May 2017

Mad Men

Our hottie has that Mad Men look. The look made popular by the character of Don Draper. Iconic styles that match one's iconic good looks. A soft drape with crisp collar. Our man knows how to dress. And notice how our classic man adds power to his look by accessorizing it with a hardcover version of Black Edge: Inside Information, Dirty Money, and the Quest to Bring Down the Most Wanted Man on Wall Street. This man means business!

Location: Red Line at Charles/MGH
Imagined Profession: Analyst at Bain Capital
Photographer: GB

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Morning Glory

Springtime colors blend with stunningly handsome men on our morning commute on the T. What a glorious way to begin the day! Chiseled good looks and sharply groomed sideburns show our hottie to be a man of precision as well as finesse.

Location: Red Line at Charles/MGH
Imagined Profession: Real Estate Development
Photographer: FT

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Primary Colors

A new bus with high visibility handrails sets off our hottie's magnificent Royal Blue Abercrombie runners jacket. What a brilliant eye opener on our way to work! Great job, hottie!

Location: #1 Bus at Mass Ave
Imagined Profession: Accountant
Photographer: FT

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Fit as a Fiddle

He shows off his well toned physique and the Gore Bike Wear jacket lets us know how he stays fit. He bikes! And bikes a lot from his trim form. We can't wait for the weather to clear up so we can get back to cycling.

Location: Red Line at Park
Imagined Profession: Sales Manager
Photographer: FT

Monday, 1 May 2017

Bikes on the T

We have a passion for cycling, so our HOTT Crew gets excited when we find other cycling enthusiasts traveling with us on the T. Our after-rush-hour fellow (non-folding bikes aren't allowed on trains during rush hours) combines the speed of the T with the convenience of getting to out of the way places on a bike. And his high visibility jacket protects from the rain and makes him a standout kind of guy!

Location: Red Line at Central
Imagined Profession: Community Organizer
Photographer: GB