Monday, 25 March 2013

Jack in the Box

When we stumbled upon this argyle clad hottie at our T station and heard him speaking to himself in Cantonese (our HOTT Crew is fluent in Cantonese, German, French and Icelandic), we realized we had a fourth installment for our "Jack" series of postings. You can click on the titles below to see the other posts in the Jack series.

The V-neck argyle sweater is a brilliant and welcome change from the sea of black North Face jackets, and the sling satchel fashionably slung across his chest indicates this busy gent finds time after work to get in a workout. And the haircut is simply exquisite. Not a hair out of place and perfectly sculpted... just like the hair of all the other Jacks we've featured.

And scroll down to see who's birthday our HOTT Crew is celebrating today!

Location: Red Line at Charles/MGH
Imagined Profession: Non-Profit CFO
Photographer: GB

Just Jack

Just Jack - A Sequel

Jack of All Trades

Today we're celebrating the birthday of Prince Albert Victor, GB's bike! Prince Albert Victor turns 3 years old today. We just wish it was as warm right now as it was at this same time 3 years ago.

Happy Birthday, Prince Albert Victor!

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