Friday, 21 August 2015

Fabulous Friday - Coordinated Color

Tempting in his Topsiders, our handsome and fit man shows not only the proper color combinations to wear for summer, but also the appropriate style.

Note that our hottie obeys our HOTT Crews' Summer Fashion Rule #1: No cargo shorts on men over 25 years of age. 

Summer Fashion Rule #2: Don't let Nantucket Reds dominate your shorts wardrobe. Mix it up with pale lemony pastel yellows and also some blue seersucker shorts.

Summer Fashion Rule #3: Navy Blue and Carolina Blue are a stunning combination when the Navy is worn beneath the Carolina Blue. As this handsome fellow above does!

Summer Fashion Rule #4: Top off your outfit with stylish and sporty sunglasses. They'll protect your eyes from harmful UV rays, allow you to surreptitiously scope out nearby hotties, and you'll look fabulous in the process!

And don't forget, Summer isn't just about seeing more, it's about becoming more. Help out our friends at Warwick Rowers as they very creatively raise money and awareness in standing up to homophobia.

And check out their fun video in our post from yesterday!

Location: Red Line at Charles/MGH
Imagined Profession: Business Manager for J. Press
Photographer: GB

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