Saturday, 19 December 2015

Sci Fi Hottie

Our handsome man with flowing tresses is deep into his science fiction... Isaac Asimov. We always like our men to be well read, and our hottie certainly meets that criteria!
And our lateness in posting today's hottie is due to us running a multitude of errands to prepare for our HOTT Crew Boxing Day extravaganza. Formaggio Kitchen of Cambridge and the South End always has everything we need, and is a favorite of our HOTT Crew due to the staff's expertise in helping their clients select the perfect items for an extraordinary event!

And are you desperate for a last minute gift for someone special?
Our HOTT Crew loves ordering fresh Florida citrus for ourselves and very special friends from White's Red Hill Groves in Orlando, FL. An extra special treat are the Honeybell Tangelos that ship only in January... meaning you can place the order now, let your gift recipient know what you ordered, and it will come shortly after the holidays during the depths of winter. And you won't have to worry about ordering too late for a Christmas delivery!

Visit their website here:

Location: Red Line at Charles/MGH
Imagined Profession:
Photographer: GB

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