Sunday, 15 May 2016

Seeing Red

The color red is never neutral. It's the color of birth. In fact, it may have been the first color ever - the color of the primal bang from which the universe began. The poet and monk John O'Donohue has observed that it's both the color that flows in the darkness beneath our skins and the color - "a wild fire-dance of red magma" that flows far beneath our feet, under ground that is "only vaguely solid." - The Rev. Patrick C. Ward

The thought provoking words above help us find a lens through which we can better appreciate this handsome gent's picture. Look carefully at all the colors in this picture. Green, blue, yellow and black. Earth tones, whites and grays. And our hottie's red t-shirt, red jacket, and red day pack provide a foundation for everything that's in view. His red attire illuminates him, yet we find ourselves drawn by his red attire to gaze beyond. It provokes us to imagine what else is out there that we don't yet, or may never, actually see. And the color red is a tip for us that it exists whether we see it or not.

So today we're going to follow this hottie's lead. We're going to wear red and open ourselves to the unfathomable that surrounds us. Why don't you wear red today, too? After all, it's the first color ever!

Location: CT1 at Mass Ave
Imagined Profession: Renaissance Man

Photographer: FT

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