Friday, 30 September 2016

Fabulous Friday - Come Fly With Me!

We love pilots, especially those who fly with our favorite airline jetBlue! Winning smiles. Eagle wings pinned on coat jackets. Tanned skin from frequent trips to the tropics (jetBlue serves the Caribbean, you know!). And he's such a handsome fellow!

Quite the treat as our HOTT Crew began planning the festivities for when we soon receive the HALF MILLIONTH visitor to our blog!

And then we were distracted somewhat by email spam from the local organization South Asian Arts Council.  The South Asian Arts Council took our email addresses without authorization from the Boston LGBT Film Fest. You can see the forensics below that show they did this. 
For 3 years we've been trying to have our personal emails removed from their database. No success using the Unsubscribe button or even filing complaints with ConstantContact (the email provider). 

Apparently the Boston Public Library has engaged the South Asian Arts Council to put together a South Asian Author Series (below is Devdutt Pattanai, the first speaker). 
We're rather annoyed that the Boston Public Library, Devdutt Pattanaik and ConstantContact work with organizations that abscond (without approval) with email lists from unrelated organziations. Some might call that hacking. Others might call it theft.

We call it Low and Lazy, a hallmark of the South Asian Arts Council.

And if you're also on the South Asian Arts Council email list and never gave them your email do let us know. We've have a project we're putting together!

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