Friday, 24 May 2013

Fabulous Friday - Gunner

Gunner: [guh ner] A person who is competitive, overly ambitious and substantially exceeds minimum requirements.

Let's start from the top for today's lesson in healthcare hotness. Here we have the epitome of a gunner of manly beauty. Gorgeously thick well-groomed hair with hints of artfully highlighted silver. An off-white henley that clings to the torso and has the neckline seductively pulled down in the front with Ray Ban sunglasses, tailored scrub pants that provide a perfect fit and, by their blue color, show that this gentleman is the authority on patient care. 

We noticed this healthcare hottie while at the opposite end of the train and squeezed, jostled, and yes, pushed our way forward to get to where we could capture his hotness for all the world to enjoy.

Location: Green Line at Government Center
Imagined Profession: Drop Dead Gorgeous Doctor
Photographer: GB

And you may be asking yourself, "Didn't BosGuy just blog about Gunners?". Why yes, he did! And it's not by accident. All of us Gay Boston Bloggers have what's called a Gay Agenda. We meet fortnightly to coordinate our blog post themes so as to have maximum impact as we strive for the ultimate in mind control over our readers. It's just something that comes naturally to those of us in the Creative Class.

And if you missed seeing the Gunner Video from Harvard Medical School on BosGuy's blog you can view it below. Happy Friday!


  1. Love "healthcare hotness"... You know those Harvard kids aren't really from here though otherwise it'd be 'wicked gunnah'.

  2. :-)

    We have a fondness for anything HMS-themed as some of our crew work there ;-)


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