Saturday, 5 September 2015

Swizzle Stick

We love accoutrements with our cocktails, and swizzle sticks add a special pizzaz the occasion. Just like our hottie's sublime swizzle pose adds pizzaz to his bus stop.
Meanwhile, our HOTT Crew's FTH is now in the Greek Islands. Since he works for a humanitarian relief organization he's taking time help out with the refugee crisis there. Above is a view he took overlooking the islands with the Turkish coast in the background.
And our HOTT Crew's friend Lola is also in the islands, the Faroe Islands (an autonomous part of Denmark just east of Iceland). Danish Naval vessels were suspicious of the boat transporting her and her ice-encapsulated high-performance sports car to France, so she's being detained for a few days until receiving clearance to proceed to Schengen Zone ports.

Location: 86 Bus at Eliot/Harvard Square
Imagined Profession: Bartender
Photographer: FT

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