Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The HOTT Crew and The World's Fair

Of course we took pics of the sights and men at Milano Expo 2015! Above is the Italian gentleman who was in line in front of us at the Eataly Pavilion. 
Being aficionados of cocktails our HOTT Crew was thrilled to discover the Martini Pavilion!
Disneyland has nightly fireworks. Epcot has Illuminations. And Milano Expo has Macchina di Santa Rosa, a ginormous religious pylon topped with the blessed Santa Rosa. Nightly at 21:00 (9 p.m.) the Macchina lights up and over 500 lasers beams stream red lights onto the Expo representing the flowing blood from Santa Rosa's stigmata. Needless to say witnessing that called for a glass of wine!
Lola had 4 glasses, and said "After seeing that I needed every one of them!".

Milano Expo is an experience not to be missed!

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