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2015 Holiday Gift Buying Guide

Our HOTT Crew has some handy suggestions for holiday gifts this year. Whether you're shopping for a special someone or, even better, shopping for yourself, we think we have selections that you'll appreciate. And according to the Wall Street Journal the best prices for the holiday will be found TOMORROW!
The calendar above is from a previous year, but shows well that although Black Friday is a good shopping day, it's not as good as the preceding Monday (THAT'S TOMORROW). And Cyber Monday is mainly hype.

So, without further ado, each of our HOTT Crew presents his holiday gift selection for 2015!

From GB:
When cycling in the wine regions of France and Italy GB loves to stock up on fine wine. But how do you get wine home without overloading FT's suitcase? GB recommends the Vingardevalise suitcase. It has an extraordinarily durable exterior and contains padded foam inserts with wine bottle cutouts on the interior. Loaded with an entire case of wine it weighs less than 50lbs fully loaded, avoiding any overweight baggage fees! Visit their website to see what else you can do with this suitcase!

You can buy the Vingardevalise here:

From FT:

Now that FT no longer has GB sneaking wine bottles into his suitcase, forcing him to pay hefty overweight baggage fees in Paris ($125 on one trip alone) he has plenty of room for his clothes, including this ingenious foldable rolling suitcase, the ZipSak! Folded it fits into his suitcase, yet once in Paris it unzips and becomes a full-sized roll aboard that can be checked as an extra suitcase or stowed in the overhead compartment on the plane (FT bought the 21" ZipSak). It's brilliant!

You can buy the ZipSak here:

From FTH:

FTH is our HOTT Crew's Chief Technology Officer, among other things, and made sure all of our HOTT Crew purchased the PlugBug World (from Twelve South) before traveling on our international cycling trips. It lets you plug your Mac notebook AND iPad or iPhone in just one electrical outlet anywhere in the world! It's a marvelous device we don't leave home without!

You can buy the PlugBug World here:

From Nippy:

Nippy is famous for going on training rides and having everything imaginable tucked away in a pocket in his Camelbak hydration backpack. But off his bike in Provence he was lost... until he discovered the Swiss Army Pocket Vest by Victorinox! Now Nippy strolls the streets of Paris looking oh so courant and still has everything we all need fashionably inside a pocket in his vest. And when the temps turn cool his Swiss Army Pocket Vest attaches inside a matching jacket. Voila!

From Undercover RM:
Undercover RM is the most fashion forward of our HOTT Crew, and as our plane descends to Charles de Gaulle Aeroport he's putting on his men's scarf by Lanvin! He's incredibly handsome, and looks just like the most gorgeous of Parisian men when he wears his Lanvin scarves!

You can buy a Lanvin Scarf here:

We also asked our HOTT Crew friends Dodie and Lola to contribute ideas to our Holiday Gift List.

From Dodie:
Dodie is a generous soul who doesn't mind babysitting for friends desperately in need of a night out. But it's so inconvenient for her to be engrossed in a novel, such as James Michener's Hawaii, only to be interrupted by a crying hungry baby. Well, Dodie never has to interrupt her reading again now that she has the Crib Dribbler! Fill with nutritious infant formula, hang on the side of the crib, and the baby will be as happy as a well-fed Gerbil! Dodie also fills it with a blended mixture of milk and Oreos. Happy baby! Happy Dodie!

Available at:

From Lola:
Lola is famous for her elegant dinner parties, and she always makes sure she doesn't invite people's small children. They're such a nuisance! But invariably some selfish parent brings the tot anyway. So when these small children get fussy at her dinner party she whips out her favorite book to read to kids: Go the F*&%k to Sleep! Works every time!

Available at:

We hope you find our 2015 Holiday Gift Buying Guide helpful! And don't forget, the best deals on gifts are... TOMORROW!

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