Saturday, 14 November 2015

We Stand With France

As the horrific events in Paris unfold we take a pause in our regular programming to reflect on our response. And how we are choosing to respond is to continue doing what our HOTT Crew is always doing: participating in building better and stronger communities.

Today we went to the grand opening of the Lynch Family Skate Park in Cambridge, very close to the Museum of Science along the Charles River. It's an extraordinary place for people into skateboarding and mountain biking to explore a most challenging course!
The video above shows the easy portion. You should see the expert section on the other side, which is like the Grand Canyon! Our city needs more spaces that offer fun and challenge to our youth, and inspiration to our adults.

And as you listen to the news about France, we invite you to think about your response, and to do something far greater than posting pictures of Paris on social media. Stand with France, and come join us in building a better world.

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