Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Double Tuesday - Talk Like TED

Hotties in the foreground and background! It's a perfect morning for our Double Tuesday! Hottie in the background with sunglasses reading the book Talk Like TED is smoking hot in his finely crafted multi-textured business casual outfit. While hottie in the foreground has an equally well made leather bomber jacket and delicious facial scruff.

What? You want closer looks?
Above is our future TED Talk speaker. Not only is he boning up on the right way to deliver a presentation at TED he's also perfectly dressed for the conference! Oh... you want to see his shoes?
Luscious tan shoes that pair well with his tan leather belt. We especially appreciate the pattern of his sport coat and think it's an outstanding choice for his pale blue dress shirt and trim designer jeans. Oh... you want to compare his shoes with the other hottie's shoes?
Here they are! Quite lovely, aren't they! He pairs his shoes with his leather briefcase. And chooses some funky and eclectic gloves to mark his style. Both men are quite handsome!

Location: Red Line at Kendall/MIT
Imagined Professions: Foreground, South End Realtor; Background, Technology Visionary
Photographer: GB

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