Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Pocket Guy

He's so cute you want to put him in your pocket! Gorgeous fit of the jeans, a red gingham shirt even Aaron Schock would approve of, and a mighty brolly (umbrella for our readers who aren't in our Dominions Beyond the Seas) to protect against this morning's showers. And he's only about 5'4". You can take him anywhere!

Speaking of travel, our HOTT Crew will be joining our friends Dodie and Lola this 4th of July weekend in... New York! We've been invited to a soft opening of New York's newest culinary experience, Kellogg NYC in Times Square (official hard opening date is July 4th). This new experiential dining location features noted New York chefs Anthony Rudolf and Christina Tosi.
We're looking forward to trying menu creations such as local whole milk with a combination of Sugar Frosted Flakes and Special K cereal topped with lemon, pistachio and thyme (above).
Food at Kellogg NYC is picked up by customers in "kitchen cabinets" designed like an un-automated Automat (above). Another treat we want to try is ice cream topped with Rice Krispies, strawberries and matcha powder. 

We'll let you know how it is! And maybe even share a recipe!

Location: Red Line at Harvard
Imagined Profession: Community Organizer
Photographer: GB

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