Thursday, 14 July 2016

It's All About the Aiguilette!

While our hottie above steals the show on our train with his refined business attire on a sweltering day, the man who stole the global show was Philip (husband of Theresa May, new Prime Minister for our Dominion Beyond the Seas) the new "Prime Husband". And while global news commentators purred over Philip's sexy navy suit and how its single button at the waist showed off his fantastic figure (and highlighted his pale blue eyes) our HOTT Crew couldn't help but notice the very happy fellow in uniform at Buckingham Palace who escorted Philip and his wife inside to meet The Queen.
Sexy hour glass figure! Alluring gold Aiguillette (that braided cord on his shoulder). A winning and devilish smile. 

Our HOTT Crew will try to think of ways to work this French word aiguillette into our conversations while cycling in France this summer!

Location: Red Line at Charles/MGH
Imagined Profession: Press Secretary
Photographer: FT


  1. The flattering contours come courtesy of your hottie's Royal Air Force service dress uniform for temperate regions of blue-grey jacket and trousers, adopted 90 years ago and easily the tastiest of the three armed forces. Though we cannot see the hottie's sleeve stripes, his aiguillette belongs to an Air Chief Marshal, and the royal ciphers visible atop the twin gilt pointed pendants signify his appointment as ADC to the Queen. Ready and willing, ma'am.

    Your readers may wish to know that such hand-picked personnel and their flattering uniforms add to the rewards of visiting any of the royal palaces open to the public. They are obliged to make polite conversation with visitors and to cooperate with your taking of a selfie. At the very least.

  2. PS: Lingering on your own Red Line hottie, is it too fanciful to suggest that the discreet white iPod headphone cable has become a civilian aiguillette de nos jours with a rank all its own?

    1. We must meet you! Such wonderful information!

  3. Let me know when you're next visiting London and I'll tour-guide you to the hottie spots. Meanwhile, am happy to deconstruct any similar British news pictures that catch your fancy. Though I too am an avid hottie-spotter on the underground system, I lack your courage to take a snap from six feet away, as you do. Instead I enjoy putting the little orange man down in Google Street View and cruising around for the hotties caught on its cam, even if their faces are blurred over. I have quite a collection.

  4. Found him!!! Your RAF hottie is in fact Wing Commander Sam Fletcher, Equerry to the Queen, and here he is welcoming the Trudeaus to the Palace last year - scroll down this page for more pix of him -

    I felt he looked far too young to be an Air Chief Marshall (a rank normally close to death) and I over-promoted Sam based on the aiguillette alone. I now discover that those golden ropes are worn by the Queen's equerries and aides-de-camp of all ranks - and Her Maj wears the same aiguillette herself when in uniform. Fact is that a Wing Cmdr is a much more active role in the RAF and Sam exudes such dash and style that I'd be happy to serve under him.

  5. Such a fount of knowledge! And we may very well be in London in several weeks (just for a long day, Eurostar over from Paris). Drop us a line at so we can let you know if we actually make it. And we can teach you some tips on taking hottie pics on the tube!


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