Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Wing Commander!

One of our most popular posts in the past month was last week's It's All About the Aiguillette! featuring the hottie above, and which you can read here:

But even more special is that a fan of our blog in London has kindly provided us with a wealth of information on our hottie at the Palace, including his name: Wing Commander Sam Fletcher! Here's what he had to say!

The flattering contours come courtesy of your hottie's Royal Air Force service dress uniform for temperate regions, of blue-grey jacket and trousers, adopted 90 years ago and easily the tastiest of the three armed forces. The royal ciphers visible atop the twin gilt pointed pendants signify his appointment as ADC to the Queen. Ready and willing, ma'am.
Equerry to The Queen, Wing Commander Samuel Fletcher

Your readers may wish to know that such hand-picked personnel and their flattering uniforms add to the rewards of visiting any of the royal palaces open to the public. They are obliged to make polite conversation with visitors and to cooperate with your taking of a selfie. At the very least.

Lingering on your own Red Line hottie, is it too fanciful to suggest that the discreet white iPod headphone cable has become a civilian aiguillette "de nos jours" with a rank all its own?

Found him!!! Your RAF hottie is in fact Wing Commander Sam Fletcher, Equerry to the Queen, and here he is welcoming the Trudeaus to the Palace last year.

I felt he looked far too young to be an Air Chief Marshall (a rank normally close to death) and I over-promoted Sam based on the aiguillette alone. I now discover that those golden ropes are worn by the Queen's equerries and aides-de-camp of all ranks - and Her Majesty wears the same aiguillette herself when in uniform. Fact is that a Wing Commander is a much more active role in the RAF and Sam exudes such dash and style that I'd be happy to serve under him.

Happy to serve under him, indeed! And to the back of the line, young man. We found him first!


  1. Back of the line??? How very dare you! As a true Brit I outrank you Bostonians in terms of access to the Royal Hotties Squadron. I can stroll down Whitehall any day to admire the Household Cavalry mounted on horseback in their ceremonial uniforms – the highlight of which is always the glimpse of white thigh tensed above the high black riding boot. Other delights are plump young lips pinched by the chinstrap in all their youthful vitality! See here http://www.walklondon.com/london-attractions/horse-guards.htm

    Not forgetting the sheer *obedience* when being shouted at by a superior officer while Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace. See the hottie squad here - https://jasonstravels.com/2012/10/15/the-changing-of-the-guard-and-a-tour-of-buckingham-palace/

    1. Please forgive us for not remembering our proper station! We never wanted to imply that we had first dibs on any royally associated hotties. And as a true Brit do know we accord you place of preeminence. The Empire has a special place in our hearts. And did you mention black riding boots? Be still our hearts!


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