Friday, 7 October 2016

Fabulous Friday - Weatherman!

Our hottie looks delighted not to be in a hurricane! Beaming with joy. A gleam in his eyes. A spring in his step! It's the look of joy one gets after seeing our review below of Weather Radar apps!

Our HOTT Crew has been keeping tabs on our friends and family on the east coast of Florida and thought we'd compare two weather radar apps to see if they're worth having in a dangerous weather situation.

Our first app we tried was NOAA Radar US (video below).
NOAA Radar US performed magnificently! It loaded quickly with just the latest radar scan. Animation required pressing a play button and immediately loaded fabulous animation of the past 45 minutes. The most recent image was only 2 minutes old, providing stunning real-time weather data that's handy for getting out of the way of dangerous situations. We highly recommend you download NOAA Radar US!

The other app we tried is MyRadar NOAA Weather (see video below)
MyRadar NOAA has stunningly pretty colors, but it desperately struggles to load a single image, let alone an entire animation sequence. As you can see above MyRadar NOAA was still downloading after a minute and a half while displaying only partial images and using vast quantities of battery power (not a good thing for your phone in a power outage) and data.  Although this app has beautiful color renditions we find it useable only in good weather conditions, which negates the need to have this app at all. Pass on this and get NOAA Radar US!

Location: Red Line at Park
Imagined Profession: Meteorologist
Photographer: GB

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