Monday, 31 October 2016

Nothing Gold Can Stay

Our journey on the T began with a paradox. All at once common knowledge, precise observation, and the implications of ancient associations were brought into conflicting play. Just look at the multifaceted elements our hottie brings to us this fine Fall morning and reflect on what you associate with each of his stunningly beautiful choices.

Midway through our journey we realized our hottie existed in disguise only a moment and then moved on to his true state. Gaze longingly at our hottie's gold pants and green jacket and notice how the colors of each subside into the other.

Finally, our hottie helps us realize that our morning commute is tentative, lovely, but incomplete and evanescent. We are induced to accept each change we see as a shift to good rather than as a decrease in value, even though each change involves a seeming diminution.

Location: Red Line at Harvard
Imagined Profession: English Literature Professor
Photographer: GB

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