Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Alien Encounter

We had our first experience on a themed Red Line train this morning. The marketing team for Alien: Covenant have painted the entire walls and ceiling of the train car black. As in Alien black. And as we haven't fully reached Spring here in Boston many riders are still wearing... black. Which makes for a very dark experience traveling to work. Fortunately this handsome fellow's face shines through the darkness!

Despite encountering a handsome fellow we think we'll avoid the Alien: Covenant themed cars on the Red Line as it's a very depressing way to get to and from work. Like living the film 1984.

If the marketing whizz kids at Fox Movies had simply washed the exterior of the trains we think we'd be inclined to see the film.

Location: Red Line at Harvard
Imagined Profession: Manager of Dark Data
Photographer: GB

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