Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Double Tuesday - Musical Chord

A musical note may, on it's own, sound nice. Combine it with another and there's the chance that it will sound even better due to the harmonizing of the richness found in each discrete note. Remember the surprise when you first discovered the sound of discrete notes combined (a chord) together? Well that's how we felt when we encountered these two fashionable hotties on our train! 

Both of our hotties have puffy down-filled jackets, but of different colors. Each has a stylish haircut, yet the haircuts are fashioned differently. Our fine looking gents are both engrossed in their books, although one is focusing exclusively on real book while the other is going back and forth between a real book and an eBook. And while hottie on the left has serviceable, yet trendy shoes for the icy weather outside hottie on the right notches it up with fashion by choosing wingtip boots! Could his boots be Ugg Aspleys? Or are they Rockport Oakroom wingtip boots? We must confess to be utterly enchanted with the shoes on our hottie on the right! And below you can get a better look at him individually in all his stunning glory.

We hope you enjoy our double hotties today. And hope that you also note our proper use of the word discrete

Location: Green Line at Brookline Village
Imagined Professions: Left, Accounts Payable; Right, Non-profit Program Director
Photographer: GB

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