Friday, 25 January 2013

Fabulous Friday - Bieber Boy

We captured this studious hottie with Bieber-esque hair on our way to work. Intently absorbing his lessons for the day, he's determined to be tops in his class. And what could be classier on an edifying mission that to have a reveal of one's rag wool sweater sleeves from underneath the sleeves of a charcoal single-breasted wool coat. The white iPhone ear buds provide just the right amount of pop and help accentuate his defined facial features and elegant scruff.

And this week begins the countdown to Hotties on the T's OneCennial (our first birthday)! One of the joys for us on Hotties on the T has been to experience the bustling variety of life on the T in all its dimensions. With our hundreds (365) of hotties, tens of thousands (79,549) of visitors, and countless stories of our HOTT Crew's adventures it's almost more than we can keep up with.

In a way, Hotties on the T is a community of communities. Our cluster of men (5 of us) on the HOTT Crew have featured men of different ages (all adults, of course!), different professions and a multitude of ethnicities and backgrounds. In a way it can be difficult to hold onto a sense of the whole, this multi-faceted diamond refracting our larger community's life together. But it's that combination of individual and collective story that we'll continue to tell in our 2nd year together with you.

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Location: Green Line at Haymarket
Imagined Profession: Grad Student
Photographer: FT

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