Saturday, 3 October 2015


Europe has stunningly handsome men, mind bogglingly inexpensive cell phone data plans, and probably the world's worst WiFi service bar none. But oh how we calm down when we see handsome men such as our hottie above on the Milan Metro!
Dodie and Lola's lifestyle cooking demonstration on Nduja (En-Doo-Yah) at Milan Expo was such a hit with us that we had them make ample amounts for us as we rode our bikes up and down the mountains of the Barolo, Barbera and Nebbiolo regions of Northwest Italy. We couldn't have made it up the 8-12% inclines (5-10 kms at a stretch!) without them in front of us in their heavily modified Ford Econoline 350 van.
After our rides it was time for filming of their TV program. Here is a pic from the location of the episode filmed at a vineyard/farm overlooking Acqui Terme, Italy. What a view! And Guido, the vineyard owner, was a sweetheart!
We're also pleased to report that Lola has sold her high-performance convertible sports car in Italy for far more than what she could have received in the US. To replace it Lola has just purchased a Citroen Cactus M series (available only in Europe) and will be shipping it back to Gloucester for resale at far more than what she had to pay for it here. Way to go, Lola!

Our HOTT Crew is currently in Paris where it's Fashion Week (just like it was in Milan last week) and we've been building up quite the library of pics of handsome men on the streets of Paris. We'll be giving you far more pics as soon as we get more reliable internet service!


Location: Milan S5
Imagined Profession: Fashion Model
Photographer: GB

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