Monday, 25 January 2016

A Bobby Dazzler

Hotness in all it's tubularity, our Bobby Dazzler of a hottie has a stunning pair of pants (we can't stop looking at them!) and a marvelously warm Michelin Man down vest. Nice glasses, too!
And we regret to inform you that the MBTA seems to be running out of steam, particularly the Red Line. Due to last weekend the Red Line is now operating at snails pace speed over the Longfellow Bridge, resulting in "Severe Delays" for the next 2 to 3 days

We'd like to point out to T Drivers that it's NOT helpful to keep reminding passengers, "There's a train right behind this one!". There is always always a train following the one ahead. That's how trains on train tracks work.

But with Red Line trains now operating only 15 minutes at rush hour (meaning you could wait up to 30 mins before you get a train beyond JFK U/MASS) it's really annoying as all get out to be admonished by T drivers not to crowd onto the train because "there's a train right behind us".  
Meanwhile subway trains in New York, which just had over 2 feet of snow, are operating on time.

Location: Red Line at Central
Imagined Profession: Graphic Designer
Photographer: FT

*Bobby Dazzler is a description in the New York Times of Mary Crawley's potential new love interest.

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