Sunday, 31 January 2016

How It All Began

Our 5th most popular hottie of all time was featured on January 9, 2015 (Fabulous Friday - The eReader). A handsome and delightful fellow.

And on this, our 4th Anniversary of taking pics of handsome men many of you are asking, "How did it all begin?". Here's how!

Way back in 2011 HOTT Crew members GB and FT would be commuting to and from work on separate T lines and would pass the time by texting each other pics of handsome men who were on their trains. After acquiring quite a collection of pics of handsome men on the T they discussed how fun it would be to post all of the pics on a blog. And that idea just sat there.

Then GB and FT heard about TubeCrush, a website featuring handsome men riding London's Undergound. GB and FT knew they could do that, too! But again, the idea just sat there.

Eventually GB and FT learned that TubeCrush was going to set up a website for New York and they were determined that the time to create a blog featuring handsome men on Boston's MBTA was right now. And they became the first and foremost such website for Boston!

Soon after starting the blog FTH joined our group, and then Nippy and Undercover RM. We've had blast recounting all of our adventures, especially as we get to use pics of hot men as the backdrop. And we look forward to many more years to come!

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