Friday, 29 March 2013

Fabulous Friday - It's A Good Friday!

It dawned on us this morning that it was a bit odd to have a Fabulous Friday title for a posting on Good Friday. And then, after thinking about it some more, we decided what the heck! Who are we to deprive you of fabulous men? So last night whilst (we love using the word "whilst"... it's so Downton Abbey!) traveling home from Maundy Thursday services we managed to arrange ourselves opposite this dashing gentleman so that we could get his pic. Stunningly handsome, impeccably dressed, and delightful demeanor. He just seemed so into everyone on the train!

Location: Green Line at Kenmore
Imagined Profession: Marketing Manager
Photographer: GB

And below we have a bonus pic taken by a good friend of our HOTT Crew. We call him "Biscuit". He flies around the country almost every week and has been inspired by us to try getting pictures of hotties at the airport. Here's a handsome fella he caught this morning at O'Hare Airport in Chicago. Good job, Biscuit! Maybe you can start a companion blog about flying hotties!

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