Monday, 4 March 2013

Stylin' on the T

Update March 13 @ 11:42pm - Seems our stylin' fellow has been discovered by his friends! Drop us a line at and tell us more about him! And follow us on Twitter: @hottiesonthet
We're rather fascinated with the latest style of coats, what we call Michelin Man Coats. We don't think they'll ever be as common as Pea Coats, though, because a Michelin Man Coat can only be appropriately be effectively worn by a much smaller subset of men. And this particular hottie takes the high style of a Michelin Man Coat to a whole new level by ensuring that all elements of his clothing match the fashion-forward elements of his coat.

Starting from the bottom we find a granite gray green (please realize these color descriptions are difficult for GB as he's color blind) sling satchel slung cleverly over his knee, which matches the almost identical color of his pants. Poised between his trim knees are hands encased in Mitten Gloves, a fashion which has taken Allston by storm, and which feature the de rigeur position of the mitten finger coverings (pulled back). And then, of course, the coat. A violet blue Michelin Man Coat with brilliant red zipper highlights and a hair style that reaches for the ceiling of the train. This hottie is stylin'!

Click on this Post name for more about Michelin Man Coats: Fabulous Friday - Michelin Man

Location: Red Line at Central
Imagined Profession: Educational Textbooks Layout Editor
Photographer: FT

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