Sunday, 24 March 2013


Oh the decisions our HOTT Crew has to make this morning! Do we go to Palm Sunday services at church or do we hop on our bikes for our first training ride for the season (we're signed up for Harbor to the Bay 2013)? We've decided to cover our bases and half of us are doing a training ride and the other half doing church... and then meeting up afterwards for bloody marys! It's all about keeping perspective on things.

Speaking of perspectives, we captured this hottie as he was reading from the Journal for Economic Perspectives (the article was about poverty and consumption). All we can say is that economists are hot! The dressy boat shoe-style loafers are lovely, and the socks he's paired with them absolutely luxurious. Stressed, but still serviceable for work, jeans, and quite the scarf! Matter of fact, our very own FT has exactly the same scarf! Our hottie is definitely a man of refined tastes!

Location: Green Line at Brookline Hills
Imagined Profession: Junior Economist
Photographer: GB

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