Saturday, 8 June 2013

Happy Pride 2013!

We're pleased that the deluge seems to have ended and that today's Boston Pride Parade should be free of rain, so go on down to the parade route at noon and watch the largest Pride Parade in Boston history! 

And click here (and on the title of our Boston Pride 2012 Post) for a look at last year's Pride:

Today for Pride we offer you this delectable gentleman whom we had the pleasure of sitting across from on the T. Amazing how the simplicity of summer can be so appealing. Basic jeans, perfectly sized T-shirt, and omni-present ear buds that add depth and character to his outfit. And the black Nike FuelBand wristband shows that he's always on top of keeping in shape. 

Location: Orange Line at Tufts Medical Center
Imagined Profession: Non-profit Administration
Photographer: Undercover RM


  1. FYI the band is a Nike FuelBand.

  2. So difficult to tell, but we do believe you are correct! We've made modifications to the text. Thanks!

  3. Oh how my beautiful baby brown eyes dream for you....


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