Sunday, 29 December 2013

First Sunday of Christmas

No sooner does our HOTT Crew return to Boston than we get inundated with holiday chores (cooking fabulous meals and fixing computer problems for friends). But it's not so bad as we get to see hotties, such as the one above, prepared for the dark and dreary Sunday that's engulfed our city today. A gray zip up shawl collar on our hottie is the perfect accompaniment to a rain soaked day, and we especially appreciate the way the straps on his daypack lift and separate his manly pecks.

Location: Orange Line at Tufts
Imagined Profession: Theatre Stage Hand Manager
Photographer: Undercover RM

And we thought we'd share with you some pics from our visit with the musical group Well Strung. What hotties they are, and mightily strung, indeed!

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