Monday, 23 December 2013

Jack Daniels

And yet another in our "Jack" series of hottie posts! Thoughtfully wearing a pale robin-egg blue Oxford buttoned-down shirt with Khaki pants and black all-weather jacket, our hottie catches up on some reading on his iPad mini (tastefully encased in a business-appropriate cover) while holding onto the files from work that he will soon be tackling upon arrival at his place of employment. We especially enjoy the studious nature our hottie exhibits whilst commuting to work. For the rest of the "Jack" series postings please click on the title of the posts below!

And our HOTT Crew is off to London for Christmas! We're aboard British Airways Flight 238 (we only travel to London on the daytime flight... so much more civilized) and encountering a slight delay, which suits us fine as we have time to update the blog! Tomorrow we spend seeing the sights in London, and then early on Christmas morning we'll hop in a ZipCar near our hotel in Kensington and drive to "our country home" in Norfolk to spend Christmas with some special friends (yes, Dodie & Mave will be joining us). And you can count on us to get some pics of stunning hotties on the Tube tomorrow... maybe we can share them with you on our Christmas blog post!

Location: Green Line at Haymarket
Imagined Profession: Accountant in Fiscal Services
Photographer: FT

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