Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Double Tuesday - Golly Gumdrops!

There's an excitement we get when we capture two hotties in one pic. It's the kind of excitement the Earl of Grantham expressed when he learned his daughter Lady Edith was about to marry a Marquess (a higher rank than an Earl!) and let loose with "Golly Gumdrops!".  These 2 gentlemen above were most delightful, had smiles a mile wide, and were Spanish! How exotic! Golly Gumdrops we got a double!

Meanwhile, speaking of Marquesses, our HOTT Crew is quite put out with Bertie Pelham (oh, excuse us, the newly elevated 7th Marquess of Brancaster). It's well known now that Bertie withdrew his proposal as Lady Edith didn't trust him with the secret of her daughter Marigold, and therefore couldn't trust her. But that's not how it played out! Please note, Bertie is now Lord Hexham.

Lord Hexham: So, do you have an answer for me [a yes or no to his proposal of marriage]?
Lady Edith: Well, I have a past. You see, I've not led a simple life.
Lord Hexham: I'll take that as a yes! [Plants big kiss on Lady Edith, thus preventing her from finishing telling him that she has a daughter out of wedlock]

So It's Bertie's fault, not Lady Edith! She tried to tell him but he interrupted her! How dare he blame her now for not telling him about the love child! If Lord Hexham wants to be invited to our HOTT Crew's Boxing Day gala next December he's going to have to make amends, and fast!

Location: Red Line at Charles/MGH
Imagined Professions: Left, Professor of Spanish Literature; Right, Researcher
Photographer: GB

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