Monday, 29 February 2016

Super Tuesday - Our Endorsement!

The Presidential Primary in Massachusetts (and many other states) is tomorrow, March 1, 2016!

Where is YOUR voting precinct? Right here at the link below!

Next decide if you'll walk or drive to your voting precinct. Once you think about how you'll get to your precinct you're far more likely to actually vote. Our HOTT Crew is very adept at maximizing voter turnout!

And now, we proudly present our HOTT Crew's endorsements for President of the United States!

If you're registered as a Democrat we endorse...
The Democratic candidates! Vote for one of the above. You'll be happy campers!

If you're registered as Un-enrolled or Republican why not prevent the current Republican front runner from getting more votes! Therefore we endorse..

Ben Carson!

See you at the polls. And wear that I VOTED sticker with pride like the hottie below!

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