Monday, 22 February 2016

The Eyes Have It

Our hottie is packing a box as well as a winning stance, making for a motivational start to the beginning of the week.

And our HOTT Crew had a lovely ending of the week by extending our weekly Downton Abbey party to include a preshow: Disneyland 60! Idina Menzel movingly sang Let It Go, but the real humdinger of the evening was delivered by Lady Edith who movingly called her sister (Lady Mary) a bitch. Not once, but twice! Go Edith! And now it's time for us to tell our HOTT Crew friend Dodie to avert her eyes.

Although we adore Bertie Pelham we have a fondness for naked pics of Mary's beau Henry Talbot (above left). And what looks better in front of a magnificent manor home than bare aristocratic butt! Meanwhile our HOTT Crew is busy planning our Downton Abbey Finale Gala. Will Bertie come to his senses? Will Tom recall he has a sex drive of his on? Will Larry Grey grovel at Isobel's feet? Will Mary finally do right by her sister - even to the point of sharing Henry? Will the adulterous Mr. McKidd and Mrs. Dorrit produce a little Dorrit? Will Barrow really not care if you threw coconuts at him. The suspense is killing us!

Location: Red Line at Central
Imagined Profession: Software Coder
Photographer: GB

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