Sunday, 6 November 2016

Dressed for Success

Our hottie must do undercover work as he's bedecked almost head to toe in camouflage. And it fits him really well! We assume he's dressed for success for the type of work he does.

Our HOTT Crew has been at Boomerangs and Bobby From Boston helping our female fans pick out pant suits so they can look like Hillary when they go to the voting precincts on Tuesday. What a wild and wonderful idea! Even our HOTT Crew friends Dodie and Lola will be dressed like Hillary outside the polling precincts in Orlando!

And how will you be dressed when you vote? Although we can dress however we wish our HOTT Crew feels that a Presidential Election is a American institution (we did invent it, after all!) and one we want to highlight with appropriately formal, yet celebratory style.

Join us in dressing with style and flair on election day! And for something vintage hop over to Boomerangs or Bobby From Boston. 

Tuesday is Dress for Hillary Day!

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