Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Morning Again in America

It's morning again in America. 3.7 million new private sector jobs have been created in just the past 24 months. 3 million more students are receiving Pell grants to attend college than in 2008. Families are protected from losing their health care or being forced into bankruptcy when a family member gets sick or is in an accident. And men and women no longer have to lie to serve in the military for the country they love. It's morning again in America, and under the leadership of President Obama, our country is prouder and stronger and better. Why would we ever want to return to where we were less than 8 years ago? 

Vote for Hillary Clinton to keep the progress going!

We so admire this handsome gentleman's positive outlook. Hopeful. Confident. Secure with the future. We also appreciate the leftward swing of his burgundy and grey scarf! It's morning again in America.

Location: CT1 on Massachusetts Avenue
Imagined Profession: Political Organizing
Photographer: FT

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