Saturday, 5 November 2016

One Singular Sensation

Brilliant colors to match the autumnal trees and skies (did you see the sunrise and sunset this morning? Spectacular!). He's catching up on the news while brightening our day! He's one singular sensation!

And just as one hottie on the T can brighten one's day, so can one vote brighten America's hope for a promising future.

As of Friday, November 4, 2016 at 7pm our HOTT Crew's analysis showed the current state of the electoral college rather dicey. A tie (what we're showing if Friday's numbers stay the same until election day) sends the vote to the House of Representatives which is controlled by the Republicans. Not good!

Let's be clear... we're not predicting the above map as the outcome on Tuesday.

What we are saying is that WE have time to move people to vote Democratic. America's future depends on it. And our HOTT Crew isn't going to sit back and just let a bad result happen.

Because millennial and African-American voters are predicted to vote in fewer numbers compared to 2012 a win for Hillary depends on... The Gays!

Our HOTT Crew is busy personally contacting friends and family in the following states:

New Hampshire
North Carolina

And we're telling these friends and family we need them to vote for Hillary because we personally can't do without:

The legal protections of equal marriage.
Legal protections from being discriminated against in the workplace
Equal access to healthcare and health outcomes

We're making our case that if Trump is elected he will carry through with his pledge to do away with all of those.

So join us in personally contacting friends and family in the above states and make your case as to why YOU need them to vote for Hillary!

Be a singular sensation!

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