Friday, 11 November 2016

Throwback Friday

"It will get better, I promise you that". - Vice President Joe Biden, November 17, 2010

And here we are 6 years later, with a President-elect who is promising to work with a Republican congress to:

Remove our civil right to marry.
Invalidate our current marriages.
End our protection from discrimination in employment.
Take away our health insurance.
Legalize discrimination against us in housing.

We remember well, and appreciate immensely Vice President Biden's public support for Equal Marriage. Support which acted as a catalyst to President Obama feeling comfortable enough to also publicly support Equal Marriage. We needed that, and it benefited us immeasurably.

But in just over 2 months a new Congress and a new President are coming after us to remove all the fundamental civil rights we've gained in the past 2 decades.

We can't help but wonder if Vice President Biden will be with us in front of the State Houses and State Capitols as we make our final stand. We can't help but wonder if Vice President Biden will be with us in front of the United States Capitol as we strive to stop an unprecedented removal of fundamental human rights for American LGBT citizens.

Where Will Biden Be?

We don't yet know. But when straight white men who have the least to lose with this new administration tell us "it gets better" or "it'll be ok" let's be very cautious about believing them.

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