Sunday, 19 February 2017

Denizens of Dallas

When our HOTT Crew friends Beemer and Biscuit told us they were traveling to Dallas we reacted in horror. Dallas is in Texas, that big scary place where they shoot New Englanders for sport! The Dallas airport is bigger than Rhode Island! They drink sweetened iced-tea!

But Beemer and Biscuit bravely boarded the Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART), a mass transit system that amazingly has NO twitter hashtag and captured this stunningly handsome and happy couple enjoying a commute to wherever it is that the DART system travels (we've heard tales that it serves some town called Plano).

Handsome fellow on the left displays deft use of fabric texture with his ribbed long-sleeved sweater paired with fashionable eyewear while our handsome guy on the right shows his Texas roots by pairing a Bison-themed buttoned-down shirt with an Apple Watch.

And lets take a look at their Orange Line trains!

Dallas' light rail vehicles are made by Kinki-Sharyo (superior to our similar Breda Trolleys in Boston) and festooned in a color scheme identical to the MBTA's buses! The MBTA buses came long before Dallas so we can only assume they copied our color scheme.

We've heard rumors that Texans are well-fed, and indeed we've discovered they make sure even commuters on the DART system are provided with classical entertainment at stations and given sufficient food to last the journey. What a concept!

Location: Orange Line at Pearl
Imagined Professions: Left, Interior Designer; Right, Bank Vice President
Photographers: Beemer and Biscuit

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