Saturday, 4 February 2017

The Sister Juliette Award - Maura Healey

The recipient this week of our prestigious "Sister Juliette Award" is Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey! Each Tuesday we now name and target 2 collaborators / traitors with the current Presidential administration, yet we feel that it's important to also feature on a weekly basis someone who has stood up to the current President and metaphorically slayed some fascists (Sister Juliette, below, literally slayed fascists).

So, every Saturday we'll be featuring the recipient upon whom we bestow this award for bravery and courage in defending truth, justice and the American Way.

For Maura Healey's work in protecting all citizens of Massachusetts from discrimination based on religion and national origin, as well as for ripping the President a new orifice while being interviewed on MSNBC we bestow our HOTT Crew's highest honor: The Sister Juliette Award.

Congratulations, Maura!

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