Saturday, 18 February 2017

The Sister Juliette Award - February 18, 2017

Every Saturday we bestow our highest honor upon an individual who has shown exemplary courage in standing up and speaking out for truth, justice, and the American Way.

This week we bestow the Sister Juliette Award upon Callie Crossley (above). Callie is host of WGBH News' "Under the Radar" on 89.7FM,  frequently is host of WGBH's "Basic Black" and often serves as a panelist on WGBH's "Beat the Press". Callie also produced 2 of the 6 hours of the Academy Award-nominated (Best Documentary Feature) "Eyes on the Prize".

We bestow this award (and solid gold medallion*, below) upon Callie for her journalistic excellence and her consistency in eloquently defending the dignity of every human being. In addition, Callie challenges us all to discover the better angels of our nature by standing with us while encouraging us to walk towards the light of justice.
The Sister Juliette Medallion - 1/2 Ounce of Pure Gold

Our Sister Juliette Awards is inspired by a real-life sharpshooting nun from the Vatican who, in 1942 left the Vatican to assassinate Nazis.

The design of the Sister Juliette Medallion is based on a likeness of Sister Juliette in 1945, 3 years after she left the convent and the year when she was cornered in a Belgian safe house by a squad of the Gestapo. Sister Juliette bravely burst out of the safe house with her gun blazing while she was fatally brought down in a hail of gunfire (taking 3 Gestapo officers with her).

Congratulations, Callie on receiving our prestigious award!

*We don't actually give a gold medallion. We only give a picture of it. The actual medallion is part of our investment portfolio.

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