Friday, 17 February 2017

Fabulous Friday - A Man for Our Time

There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why? I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?

Robert F. Kennedy

Some riders on the T may ask why this beautiful dreamboat of a man isn't their boyfriend, while our HOTT Crew simply gazes at him and says, "He's our next boyfriend!". The stunning evening light of a cold and wintry day cast upon Boston's skyscrapers, all highlighted in the smoothly frozen Charles River is the perfect backdrop for this adorably handsome man. Right now it just doesn't get any better than this on the T.

But wait... Governor Baker has announced he's searching for a permanent "CEO-Style" General Manager of the MBTA. Well, dear readers... we have the perfect candidate (and we'll claim that consulting fee you're willing to pay to find him, Governor Baker):
Keith Parker could be our first Action Figure GM for the MBTA!
When Beverly Scott left Atlanta's rapid transit system after 5 years as GM without accomplishing any of the goals she set for herself when she started, she stated it would have been "arrogance at best" to expect her to fix a system with such historic issues. 

And then along came Keith Parker! Our handsome, hunky, superhero of a gentleman above!

Keith took on the role that Beverly left and in just TWO YEARS accomplished all of the goals Beverly said weren't possible! If that's arrogance we want it here!
Let's be honest... he's handsome!
We need Keith Parker as General Manager of the MBTA! At this historic moment when Boston's viability as a center of business, education, healthcare and technology is at risk of disappearing due to a malfunctioning transit system we need to invest in bringing Keith Parker to lead the way back to being a world class city!
Wears a suit yet not afraid to ride a bus. We love him!
He's not only a can-do kind of guy, he's gorgeous!!!!!
Safety, Show, Courtesy, Capacity in action!
Google Keith Parker MARTA and you'll find tons of pics of him on the subways and buses of Atlanta. Google Beverly Scott and you'll find tons of pics of podiums. Nuff said!
Proud to ride Mass Transit - Mass Transit That Works!
Pay this man $500,000 per year (Atlanta  renewed his contract 2 years ago and gave him a big raise, so we need to up the ante to get him to accept what would be the greatest challenge and accomplishment of his career)! He'll be worth every penny!

It's time to look at MARTA CEO Keith Parker as our next General Manager of the MBTA and say, "why not!".

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