Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Double Tuesday - Paper vs iPad

First off, FT and GB want to thank everyone for the flattering comments about their picture on the blog yesterday. And yes, they do work out. Religiously. 

And what a special pair we have for today's post! We call it "Paper vs iPad", a compelling blend of traditional and fashion-forward technology. Hottie on the left appears to be prepping for a meeting at work. We're sure someone with his good looks, fine clothes, and extraordinarily well groomed scruff always comes prepared. And hottie on the right is of particular interest to our HOTT Crew because he could be FTH's identical twin brother! Not only does he proudly display his iPad with green SmartCover JUST like FTH, but he's also sporting the same pea coat and identical haircut and facial scruff! We just wish FTH had been with us so that we could try to get a pic of him next to hottie on the right... it would be like a twin thing!

Location: Green Line at Winchester
Imagined Professions: Left, Marketing Analyst; Right, Non-profit Administrative Director
Photographer: GB

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