Friday, 19 April 2013

It's Over!

For an entire day around 3/4 of a million people here were forced to stay indoors and "Shelter-in-Place" as the manhunt for the Marathon Bombers reached it's conclusion.

Our HOTT Crew experienced the sound and shaking of explosions, had National Guard soldiers inspect our homes, and as evening descended heard the final hail of gunfire that brought this nightmare to a close.

We were going to offer a reflection today and resume our programming tomorrow. But right now we're going to have a cocktail!

We'll be back very soon, possibly as soon as tomorrow. But do understand how unnerving this has been for us as we attempt to get back to our normal place.

We trust you are all safe and sound. So many first-responders and law enforcement people deserve our thanks, but most of all we want to point out the incredible effort by the people of the City of Boston, Cambridge, Brookline, Newton, Somerville, and yes, Watertown who, by their efforts to diligently follow unprecedented (for our country) orders enabled our law enforcement agents to swiftly resolve this situation.

See you soon!

The HOTT Crew

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