Thursday, 4 April 2013

Thank You a 100,000 Times!

A big thank you from all of us at the HOTT Crew as we sailed past the 100,000 visitor mark yesterday! And our Top 10 Hotties of all time (out of 438 handsome men) has changed a bit since we last featured the most popular hotties on our blog. So besides having a collage of our Top 10 above (click on pic to enlarge) you can also visit each one of them up close and personal by clicking on the title below.

And don't worry, we have an extra special sumptuous hottie in store for you at noon for our famous Fabulous Friday post! Scratch that... it's only Thursday! Come back tomorrow for our extra special Fabulous Friday post!

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Thank you! And now, here's the up-to-date Top 10 Hotties on the T!

#1   BC Boy

#2   Double Tuesday - Aren't They Cute

#3   Fabulous Friday - Snow Bunny!

#4   Double Tuesday (our first Double Tuesday post)

#5   Fresh on the Train

#6   Tall Boy

#7   MBTA Flight #1 is Now Boarding

#8   V for Victory

#9   Take Me Away

#10   Double Tuesday - Groomed Goodness

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